Here Are 3 High-Risk, High Returns Icici Prudential Mutual Funds You Should Invest In

Investors always aim to make a productive investment and the first step towards it involves efficient decision making. Investing in mutual funds is always beneficial, but it also involves risk. The risk won’t be a factor if you opt for a leading mutual fund company like ICICI Prudential mutual fund as it is aiming at bridging the gap between investments & savings and creating long term wealth for the investors. The ICICI Prudential mutual fund also offers a variety of investment solutions. To know more about ICICI Prudential mutual funds, you can click here.          

About ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund 

The ICICI Prudential Fund is a collaboration between ICICI Bank and the UK based Prudential Plc, one of the most significant financial player in this sector. It is among one of the top AUM in the mutual fund segment. ICICI Prudential is playing a significant role in India and the last few years they have introduced various new innovative policies to suit the needs of investors. The company offers both high and low-risk investment schemes, and the return depends upon the policy.       

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Why Would Investors Prefer Investing in ICICI Mutual Fund? 

When it’s about investing in a mutual fund, ICICI is being prefered by most investors for its consistent performance in the last few years. For having a better understanding here are some key factors that are given below: 

  • ICICI Prudential mutual fund is among the top five asset management companies in India. 
  • The mutual fund scheme of the ICICI is being designed with an investor centric approach that gives a perfect balance of resources, process orientation and investment expertise. 
  • ICICI focus on simplifying the journey of the investors by helping them to meet their financial goal through consistency, experience and innovative approach.
  • ICICI Prudential mutual fund has gained the trust of the consumer by providing services as per the investment objective of the investors and by delivering a risk-adjusted return. 
  • The new policy and innovative approach that has been brought in by the ICICI prudential fund has made its investment policy more dynamic and custom-oriented for the investors.      

3 Best High-Risk Mutual Fund of ICICI that Offers Higher Return

ICICI offers varied mutual fund policy, but each of it comes with their terms of risk and returns. However, to count on a better return you can check out the three high-risk mutual fund of ICICI that are given below: 

ICICI Prudential Focused Bluechip Equity Fund 

This is one of the best high-risk mutual funds of ICICI that offers comparatively a high return with an interest rate of 14.36%. The ideal duration of investment on this plan is four years and above. The objective of the ICICI Prudential Focused Bluechip Equity Fund is to provide long term capital gain to the investors. Although it is a high-risk mutual fund, the best part about it is that this fund has outperformed the benchmark of Nifty50 since its launch consistently. Moreover, it is an open-ended type of mutual fund and has as an expense ratio of 1.11%. 

ICICI Prudential Equity and Debt Fund 

This mutual fund plan is designed with a hybrid approach with a mix of equity and debt. It offers a high rate on the return that is 15.71% which complements the high risk associated with the scheme. The plan was launched on 1st January 2013 and is an open-end fund. The ICICI Prudential Equity and Debt Fund have been performing consistently since its launch. It has also outperformed CRISIL Hybrid 50+50 moderate index and has been performing promisingly well. 

The scheme aims at generating long term capital gain to the investors through investment in portfolios like equity and equity-related securities. Besides, investors must also note that this type of investment schemes are flexible where the equity and the debt changes depending upon the market condition.   

ICICI Prudential Nifty Next 50 Index Fund 

It is an equity-oriented mutual fund. Opting for this fund will offer you a higher return with an interest rate of 17.79%, which is comparatively. This plan also involves higher risk and is a five-years-old fund of ICICI. Although this policy, like the previous two, involves higher risk, it comes with a certain positive aspect. The ICICI Prudential Nifty Next 50 Index Fund has been a consistent performer and has outperformed the NIFTY benchmark since its launch. The main objective of this investment plan is to invest in those schemes that are included in the Nifty Junior Index and to gain a return on those plans that performed well.   

To Conclude 

The domestic market for investment may look bleak, but investing in a leading mutual fund company like ICICI can give you high return even if it involves high risk. Moreover, the dynamic approach of ICICI Prudential mutual fund with a well-diversified portfolio has made it more promising to the investors. 

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