5 Ways to Make Your Business Phone System More Future-Proof

years ahead. Ensure your phone system has features and functionality that most businesses won ‘t see or use for years to come; such systems are versatile enough to address new, yet-to-be-developed technologies. Prolong the lifespan of your company with these fool-proof, ‘future-proof’ways to enhance your business phone system.

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Avoid those management headaches

Sticking with an elaborate phone system that doesn’t evolve with the times as your organisation grows leaves you stuck in a constant cycle of a costly and time-consuming search for a new provider, new rewiring, new hardware. Choose a system that offers a simple web interface similar to other hardware systems in your business such as routers or firewalls.

A particularly good example of an easy-to-use, intuitive interface is that of Gamma’s Unified Communications  – the UC is simple and available whenever your employees need it, whether that be as a fixed or mobile system. In fact, Gamma’s UC  offering has been designed to ensure staff can communicate the way they want, so it becomes an integral part of their comms life.

Prepare for success

Whilst ‘prepare for success’ seems like pretty basic advice – after all, no one goes into business to fail – surprisingly, many are not prepared for success. Of all modest startups that were established in 2014, barely half survived until their fourth year.

Scalability of your phone system is critical for your long-term success. Being truly future-proof involves a system that doesn’t penalise you for your growth; avoid phone systems that charge you thousands to add users, or are unable to expand to be as large as you require.

Consider accessibility for your remote teams

To truly extend the future potential of your business, especially with the rise of stay-at-home employees, it’s imperative that your phone system is accessible to all team members, easy to manage remotely whilst maintaining an intuitive interface. Employees should be able to operate out-of-office hours, set up conferences and even adjust individual extensions with little to no technical expertise.

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Stay disaster ready

What a global pandemic has taught us all is that business can’t afford to maintain inadequate continuity strategies. Whether it’s a virus preventing your staff from accessing their workspace, or a natural disaster, a phone system must be able to reroute calls and connections if necessary. This is why Unified Communications are so important in a post-COVID world; they can enable collaborative working wherever you are – even if you’re in disparate geographic environments.

Be ahead of the curve

Analysts agree that unified communications are now ‘barebone necessities’ in a remote, corporate landscape. A single solution can provide access to conferencing, faxing, chat and more. Advanced phone systems can even provide video-calling, listen-in functionality and file-sharing.

Don’t be left out in the cold as new, powerful tools to help your business operate more efficiently come online. Invest in unified communications to ensure your system can seamlessly integrate each of these up-and-coming technologies.

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