Growing Your Business With Neon Signs

Quite famous in the 20th century, neon light signs are rapidly getting into the market and they are now safer, more energy-efficient, and affordable material which is the LED neon flex. The neon signage can be a distinctive marketing solution for several small businesses. It has this unforgettable look and its effect on people cannot be denied reason why several businesses have started making use of the neon signage. Here are the top benefits of considering the neon signage for a business:

Neon is visible and lights up the night

Neon signs can market a business to any passerby and at any time of the day. Any business that wants to increase their visibility and brand recognition must make use of custom neon signs. The glow of neon is not only capturing to people’s eyes but it is visible in any type of weather and since humans are naturally drawn to light, the neon sign is a way of making any business stand out daily. Any business looking to gain some grip will like to find the neon sign working wonders for them.

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Neon is energy efficient

The world has become focused on energy consumption and environmental conservation which has served as an awakening call for people to change and start using more efficient options. Neon consumes 50 to 60 percent less electricity than other modern signs, thanks to the LED modules. It is safe for indoor signage and works well for restaurants, bars, and offices. The neon electrodes are cool to touch and cost about 20 cents to leave it on for the whole day.

Neon signs are durable

Custom neon signs are accurately designed by expert craftsmen and tend to last longer. Other than the average light bulb which can last for 6 – 12 months, the neon light lasts longer and can be for 10 years or longer. Businesses can only face issues related to wiring or deterioration but it will serve your business for several years.

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Neon is versatile

Custom neon signs are versatile which is another reason why people tend to fall in love with it. Neon comes in more than 100 colors, and the glass tubing crafting makes the design timeless. The glass can be bent into thousands of diverse shapes to create a beautiful form that makes your business name or logo stand out. Whatever a business imagines for indoor and outdoor signage can be created using neon.

Neon signs look beautiful

Neon signs can make a mundane interior look effortlessly decorative and fashionable. It brings this creative look to any space. The limitless design option means business owners can select any shape, design, and color than correspond to the brand’s image, identity, interior, and exterior of the store or office. 

The added light, artwork, and beauty can be used to enhance a company’s branding. The neon signs can be used in transforming an office space using motivational signage that is connected to the company’s mission and vision.

Companies can illuminate their logos and hang designs in different parts of the office building that will be visible to customers. The bright glow will make customers to easily see them once they get into the building. It is the cheapest marketing campaign any company can ever invest in.

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