All About Omnicure lx500

OmniCure Lx500 is an ultra-compact UV LED spot curing system with a  repeatable and consistent curing process. It has an Intelli-lamp technology that allows exceptional optical stability, and the high peak irradiance boosts its efficiency. StepCure 2.0 also enables a unique process control. This curing system is available in two or four-channel configurations.

Unique Optical Stability

It’s designed with an Intelli-lamp technology that ensures the LED head temperature remains as required. It also monitors the lifetime data. The optical stability is automatically maintained at +/-5 during exposure. This system is available in 2 or 4 channel configurations, making it flexible and allowing for the low manufacturing cost in industries. A unique peak irradiance ranging between 14W/Cm2 (365nm) to 16W/ Cm2 (385nm) and 19W/Cm2 (400nm) delivered by the LED Max heads. The process is enabled by a 3mm focusing lens, which stands at a working distance of 10mm.

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Easy Integration

This curing system has a compact size that eases integration in any setup process. A 2.4-inch full-color LCD, which is newly designed, is fitted in it. A four-way keypad controls it, and a programmable logic controller enables it. The connectors in it are advanced, making it easier to install or remove them.

Exceptional Process Control

Calibrated new LED heads allow more extended stability of the light source and ensure a repeatable curing process. StepCure 2.0 allows a single LED head or multiple LED heads to program different programs across each channel. With StepCure 2.0, the operator sets intensity level, exposure time, trigger source, and dwell rate. The system’s high-power UV LED heads to provide fast and uniform UV curing of adhesives when combined with the system. The results are the low cost of production, high-quality products, and fast production. The color code in the LED heads indicate the wavelengths and minimize setup time. The lengths provided range between 55mm to 130mm, and the wavelengths are 365nm, 385nm, and 400nm.

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UV LED Heads

They are newly designed to provide a maximum peak irradiance. They also offer efficient cooling, which allows continuous operation, and no overheating is experienced. The manufacturers can enjoy the convenience of spending very little on production. Setup and installation time is minimized by an anti-lock feature and an HDMI connector. Their unique design also allows them to remain cool when appropriately clamped.  Their features also reduce the downtime and extend their lifetime. 

Key Benefits of LED Calibration and Beam Positioning

  • When the beam is positioned accurately on the detector aperture, the results are consistent measurements
  • The operator can eliminate expensive and bulky alignment equipment
  • They reduce calibration time and cost because of their ease to use alignment tools

This curing UV system has several benefits, as listed above. Their users enjoy their convenience and longer lifespan. Though superior quality products are the results, the manufacturers save lots of time and money. The operator should ensure that they clamp the UV LED lights correctly and position the beam as required to achieve accurate results. Though there are several UV LED curing systems, this system is unique. Those doubting this UV curing system should rely on the above guide for crucial information. 

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