Unlocking the Power of Windows Proxy Settings With Itop VPN: A Comprehensive Guide

In the increasingly digital world, the preservation of digital privacy and security is of crucial relevance. Today the Internet is everywhere: our emails, social media, shopping, and bank account information are all likely to be held online. This means that we should take care to ensure that our online activities are private and secure from public access. A VPN or virtual private network is one of the most useful tools to enhance personal data security and increase privacy. Among myriads of options VPN providers have, the iTop VPN is a prominent example of such that is built around protecting your privacy and security. It gives several features to guarantee safe and anonymous access. This encapsulated post provides details of how the Windows proxy settings linked by the iTop VPN can be used to safeguard your privacy online and improve your security.

What is Proxy Servers

Interacting with the Windows proxy settings and integrating iTop VPN into the process will become much easier once you get a hold of the proxy servers concept. A proxy site provides the functionality of an intermediate connection between your devices and the internet. During your connection to the internet through a proxy server, your request route to the destination site goes by this server first, then, the server transmits the request to the destination website. This feature provides an excellent opportunity for erasing your IP address and location, thus making anonymity and privacy much more reliable.

Advantages of Using Proxy Servers

Enhanced Privacy

Through hiding your IP address, proxy servers not only allow you to surf the internet secretly but also make it complicated for the websites to follow your activity all across the internet.

Bypassing Geo-restrictions

Proxy servers are a helpful tool to access geo-blocked content, as they mask your IP address by letting your connection run through a server in another region.

Improved Security

Another benefit of using proxies is that they serve as an intermediary to guard your devices against undesired websites, providing an extra measure of security against cyber dangers.

Bandwidth Savings

In cases when several users connect with the Internet via a proxy server, a cache of the often-accessed resources can save the bandwidth capacity needed for the Internet connection.

What is iTop VPN

iTop VPN is an added benefit to VPN users to ensure secure browsing and anonymity. The iTop VPN proxy servers distributed all over the world help to bypass location restrictions to unlock the restricted content and provide free-to-emulation Internet browsing to its users. Some key features of iTop VPN include: Some key features of iTop VPN include:

Military-grade Encryption

iTop VPN uses special encryption algorithms to protect users’ personal information that could be stolen during transmission through the transfer process.

No-logs Policy 

Your privacy is most important; iTop VPN has a no-logs policy in place just to be sure that your online activities remain private and confidential.

High-Speed Servers 

Combining a network of fast, high-performance servers, iTop VPN enables different users to play videos and correctly access webpages.

Multi-platform Support 

iTop VPN has wide and diversified device and operating systems compatibility. It includes Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS among others.

Integrating iTop VPN with Windows Proxy Settings


By now, we have a clear comprehension of the basic proxy server and how to use iTop VPN. Let’s delve deeper into the topic of Windows proxy settings to ensure the privacy and security of your online activities while using iTop VPN.

Step 1: Download and Install iTop VPN

The dialogue box should show you which VPN service provider is the best choice for iTop VPN. The client can be downloaded from the website of “iTop VPN” and set up for installation on the system by following the instructions that will appear on the screen.

Step 2: Launch iTop VPN and Select a Server

After doing this, you will log into your iTop VPN account (or sign up for a new one if you still need to). Once you successfully sign in, you will find a list of the servers which are currently available. Select the server location of choice and then hit connect provided that you are aware of your preferences for using geo-restricted content.

Step 3: Access Windows Proxy Settings

As you very well know, with the iTop VPN connected, you can now scroll down to your proxy settings, and configure those proxy settings to make your internet traffic come from your VPN server.

  • Open Settings: Click on the Start menu and select “Settings” (the gear icon).
  • Navigate to Network & Internet: In the Settings window, click on “Network & Internet.”
  • Proxy Settings: Scroll down and click on “Proxy” in the left-hand menu. Here, you’ll find options to configure proxy settings for your network.

Step 4: Configure Proxy Settings

In the Proxy settings window, you’ll notice buttons to control the proxy settings for the connections in the network. This feature is available in three modes: proxy manual setup, which is similar to setting up the proxy in your browser, and proxy setup using PAC-file and Web Proxy Auto-Discovery (WPAD) protocol. Since we combine iTop VPN with Windows proxy settings, we may have it that way to set the proxy manually instead.

  • Manual Proxy Setup: Toggle the switch under “Manual proxy setup” to enable manual proxy configuration.
  • Enter Proxy Server Address: Under “Address,” enter the IP address or domain name of the iTop VPN server you’re connected to.
  • Enter Proxy Port: In the “Port” field, enter the port number associated with the top VPN server (usually 80 or 8080).
  • Save Settings: Once you’ve entered the proxy server address and port, click “Save” to apply the changes.

Step 5: Verify Proxy Settings

To ensure that you perform all necessary settings correctly, just try to access a website that shows your IP address (like whatismyip.com). If ultimately displayed IP address is circumstantially the IP address of the iTop VPN server you are connected to, one can be assured that the proxy settings that you have configured are working perfectly.

iTop VPN vs. ExpressVPN and NordVPN

The iTop VPN test shows good results in all-around performance and ease of operation, albeit it might lack some advanced functionalities at the same time. ExpressVPN and NordVPN are strong performers with the aspect of large server networks, top-notch security features, and powerful performance. iTop VPN should be your go-to option if what you need is a simple privacy solution. Meanwhile, ExpressVPN and NordVPN are the better solutions for those who want all the features and the strongest performance on the market.


Being aware of working with iTop VPN and Windows proxy settings means, that you can add more to your privacy online as well as protect your data. The main reason for using iTop VPN is not only to skirt geographic blockage but also to unblock restricted content or to encrypt your data ensuring integrity and confidentiality. Having a smooth and simple interface, high-level encryption protocols, and a broad network of high-speed servers, iTop VPN is your best solution whether you are a Windows user or not to browse the internet safely and secretly. Be aware of your online privacy with iTop VPN and switch to the Windows proxy settings today to secure your connection.