The Most Powerful Single Board Computer

The market is filled with several types of single-board computers. It is indeed true that a single board computer is multi-purpose, whether dev boards for retro gaming, home server purposes, and robotics, to budget-pricey, tiny maker boards appropriate for a wearable device used to the Internet of Things, IoT. People can get smaller PCs with higher processing power with courtesy to technological advancements. Here are a few of the most powerful single board computer for anyone looking to find some of the most rugged single-board computers.

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Features of the Most Powerful Single Board Computer

What people need to look for when they intend to purchase the most powerful single board computer depends on their use cases. Users may want to consider GPU power, CPU power, or both for processing power. There is a requirement for both beefy GPUs and CPUs for artificial intelligence and gaming processing. What are file server or media server relies more on is the CPU. In some cases, users may need both a robust GPU and CPU. They will need to consider whether they need an x86 single board computer or an ARM SBC apart from pure CPU power. This situation will directly affect the kind of apps and operating systems they can run.

When users find it hard to upgrade RAM on some dev boards, they may want to consider RAM as well. They also need to consider their memory needs if they require a lot of multitasking capabilities. Their size requirements also come to consideration. SBCs relatively come in compact form factors. However, some are somewhat bigger, and others are credit card-sized. As such, a vast factor is the compatible operating systems. They also need to consider connectivity like Ethernet, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and ports like GPIO, 12C, and HDMI.

Powerful Single Board Computer Considerations

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Some of the considerations for powerful SBC include:

  • OS compatibility
  • Cost
  • Size
  • Connectivity, including GPIO, 12C, HDMI, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi
  • RAM
  • X86 vs. ARM
  • GPU
  • CPU

Overall Most Powerful Single Board Computer

UDOO Bolt V8 is the most powerful single board computer, and it can handle anything you throw at it. As a single board computer beast, the UDOO consists of AMD Ryzen Embedded V1000 system-on-a-chip, SoC. The Bolt can handle cryptocurrency mining, AI applications, 3D design, video editing, retro gaming emulation, and AAA PC gaming. Bolt is an ultra-small form factor as a beefy little device. 

V8 and V3 are the two different UDOO Bolt types. Bolt V8 boasts AMD Ryzen Embedded V1605B quad-core eight-thread @2GHz processors, while AMD Ryzen Embedded V1202B dual-core four-thread @2.3GHz processor is the components of UDOO Bolt V3. With support up to 32GB, the two boards have dual SO-DIMM RAM slots with 64-bit DDR4 2400 RAM. 


  • Handle CPU-and GPU-intensive tasks like AI, VR, AAA gaming, and retro gaming emulation
  • Up to 16GB of DDR4 RAM
  • Exceptional connectivity
  • AMD Ryzen Embedded V1000 chip with Vega graphics (UDOO Bolt V3 has Vega 3)
  • X86 SBC can run Windows 10 and x86 Linux operating systems
  • Powerful GPU and CPU


  • More extensive than most single board computers such as Raspberry Pi
  • More expensive

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