More Instagram Dos to Increase Your Followers (and They Work!)

Still feeling like a fish-out-of-water, unsure when it comes to how you can grow Instagram followers the effective way? We’ve got another set of must-dos you’ll find easy to follow and put to action, and in only a few steps. 

Branded Hashtags

Hashtags are to be treated with much caution in the context of utilizing them as a strategy to include in social media marketing. Instagram offers users the leeway to include up to 30 of them per post. And most hit that ceiling every single time, which isn’t advisable.

Of course, besides NOT doing that and sticking on to the most relevant key-phrases to your post and/or brand, the next level of hashtagging has to do with branding it. It’s a kind of less in-your-face advertising. 

Instead of thinking of hashtags as mere words with the pound (number) sign next to them, rehash your perspective into perceiving them as a secondary business slogan.

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How To Create Your Own Branded Hashtag

Your Business Name And Niche 

Some brainstorming will be very helpful here. Include your brand in the hashtag itself. But sticking solely to this part may not impact your visibility so much. Thus, experts suggest that you also utilize keywords and/or key-phrases which are related to your business niche. 

Have a list of possible staple hashtags, all connected to your enterprise, your products, and/or services. Alongside these, include words that have to do with the industry your business belongs to, or corresponding niches that you believe your business can be associated with. 

Take note that this first step is a brainstorming session. No hashtag should be final just yet. Write as many as you can and let your team fill the list up to the brim. Afterwards, streamline and cross off keywords and phrases that the business can do without. 

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Do Your Research 

When we say “research”, you’ll find that the process isn’t arduous at all. You simply need to do a search on Instagram using the keywords and key-phrases on your list. You’ll soon discover that some have already been taken and are being used by existing businesses and/or users. But be patient as you will, after much searching, find a few that haven’t been taken yet. 

Why is it important that your enterprise sticks to a hashtag that no other company uses? 

Firstly, it’s not against any rule or IG Terms Of Use to do so. That’s totally not a problem at all. However, you need to know that utilising the same hashtags as other business (“sharing” hashtags) might lead to a lower click rate and lower traffic. 

Why so? Because then, searches and clicks will be split between/among your account and that of the rest of the businesses using the same hashtags.

Catchy And Obvious Yet Meaningful 

It’s good to include your business name in a hashtag (as mentioned earlier). It’s also just as well to include the name of the niche your business is categorized under. Plus, there’s another thing to bear in mind— they have to be catchy and obvious. 

Don’t choose some hifalutin hashtag that isn’t easily searchable and that users won’t understand unless you explain it to them. Search rate will be higher the easier your hashtag is to find and remember.

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