While some social media platforms throughout the web tend to build their services fully, others rely on a single provided service. Platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and others all offer the same ways for users to interact. On these platforms, people can see various text posts, videos, images, external links leading to YouTube videos, etc. Even though they’re doing their best to provide users with colorful choices, that’s not always a recipe for success. You’ll find more crucial details on how to use social media platforms the smart way on this link

If It’s New and Popular, Consider Using It

People worldwide are used to standard social media networks like the ones we’ve mentioned above. However, new ones emerge all the time. If your business is Dubai-based, you might’ve noticed the growing popularity of the TikTok social media platform. 

Various social media companies Dubai claim that TikTok has become a new way of promoting your business and products. TikTok is solely based on short video clips. There are no long and dull text posts, pictures, and other media types. Since the UAE has so many things to offer to the world, companies from Abu Dhabi and Dubai should think twice about targeting their younger audience through this platform. Here are some of the reasons to help you understand why TikTok is a must these days.

It’s Quick and Fun to Use

TikTok is a simple social media platform that doesn’t require too much knowledge to use it efficiently. When the user opens the app, he’s presented with infinite short videos representing other users, their hobbies, interests, funny pranks, etc. People are encouraged to film themselves in various situations describing what they’re doing and showing in footage where they are doing it. Users can browse through videos that others posted and interact by liking them, commenting, or sharing.

Videos Are Most Popular Media

Many social media companies Dubai say that videos are the most popular media format. Images, texts, infographics, and all others are okay, but videos catch most people’s attention. YouTube videos have specific requirements to reach a high number of views, like the video length that should be between 6 and 15 minutes. TikTok videos range from several seconds up to a maximum of one minute. TikTok users are encouraged to create whatever content they want as long as it fits each video’s limited time.

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Users Create Content by Themselves

TikTok allows its users to come up with and create incredible content by providing them with a vast collection of video editing tools, effects, etc. The more creative users become, the more views they’ll have. TikTok users can grow their followers base to tens of thousands in a single day if the app’s algorithm recognizes their video as trendy.

The Algorithm is Different Than Most

TikTok’s algorithm works differently than most algorithms do. The more interactions your video gets like comments, shares, and likes; the algorithm will push your video to the top. When that happens, the infinite loop of new likes and comments begins. Some ordinary users became famous worldwide only because of a single good clip. What this means is that the algorithm doesn’t necessarily prefer famous individuals. If you create content compelling enough for the masses, the algorithm will make you famous as well. Many social media companies Dubai see this as an excellent opportunity for TikTok influencer marketing strategies.

If the Audience Age Group is Good, Go for It

One possible “downside” of TikTok as a relatively new social media platform is that the users’ age span from 15 to 25 with some exceptions. Not many people between the ages of 25 and 35 use the platform, and generations above don’t use it at all. Therefore, if your target audience is between 15 and 30 years old, TikTok is an excellent solution for your marketing strategy. Numerous social media companies Dubai say that TikTok has the potential to become the most used platform for younger generations. For now, it’s going in that direction.

Influencer Marketing is Not the New Marketing Method

Influencer marketing is an already old method in digital marketing. However, TikTok brought new ideas and new methods of influencing potential customers. Younger generations don’t prefer seeing direct commercials and ads. Therefore, embedding your product or service into influencer’s content passively will most certainly do the trick. There is an option for paid ads, but it still doesn’t work worldwide. However, since the app’s algorithm works better than any other, it should be enough to rely solely on influencer marketing in the passive form.

Closing Words

You should never doubt the influence of a popular social media network. TikTok is an excellent example that supports this claim. It’s new, popular, and incredibly easy to use. Moreover, its algorithm allows everyone to reach incredible popularity in no time. The potential it has is enormous, and if you’re looking to boost your sales, TikTok could be an excellent choice.

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