Internal communication is an important aspect of doing business that no business should ignore.

Internal communication is an important aspect of doing business that no business should ignore. Whether it is a small business not looking to expand or a chain of restaurants, internal communication is equally important. Health care clinics, restaurants, and retail outlets are examples of businesses that have many offices in multiple locations that can benefit greatly benefit from optimizing their internal communications.

Dispersed workplaces have workers from different cultural and economic backgrounds. Employees are often walled off from the content and tone of communication and operations within their company. While this can sometimes encourage innovation, it is difficult to achieve consistent results without a way to easily communicate and collaborate. 

Lack of communication can be a serious problem and some businesses are using only a fraction of the resources and expertise available to address this problem. There are many companies learning from their past experiences and using intranets and better strategies to improve five core communication types. 

Companies with multiple workplaces at different locations can reduce their email traffic by 50% simply by using intranet software and implementing a good communication strategy. Communication is more effective when the sender actually knows that the message has been seen and the receiver understands the message.   

Business messaging software not only improves communication but also helps in increasing the productivity of the team. An effective delegation of tasks to employees is not possible without effective communication. When roles and responsibilities are not assigned on time, your team cannot deliver tasks on time. In this way, communication and productivity are directly linked.     

Intranet gives leaders and employees a voice. It allows and encourages employees to be visible and to communicate. Business messaging software facilitates different modes of communication to address various communication needs. There are five types of communication needs and a strategic intranet communication platform can serve all. 

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For a leader, it is important to make their people feel that they are a part of something important. News and events, strategy, progress reports, wins, losses, observations, celebrations, leadership voices, everything that is important for the team; the leader should encourage the participation of the team. This is only possible when the voice of the leader can reach employees and employees’ voices can reach the leaders. 

Peer To Peer Communication   

Employees need to communicate, explore and share. Teams have to be visible and engaged for this. Business messaging software running on an intranet allows you to create profiles that can be searched and shared with each other. Employees can share interesting information, ask questions, support each other professionally and emotionally. Efficient employee engagement delivers great business outcomes.

Team And Project Collaboration

To discuss work and get things done by the teams, there need to be a simple and more organized ways to share messages. It doesn’t matter whether the teams are working remotely or they are under the same roof. No team works without collaboration.     

Informal Small Group Or One-on-one Communication 

You might want one of your colleagues to review a report before you send it. This type of communication has to be simple, fast and effortless. Most importantly, the communication has to be inclusive. Whether it is one-on-one communication or a small group chat, people should be searchable and communication should be easy. 

Resource Libraries

All organizations have some policies and procedures to follow. There are bodies of work. There is reference material for employees. All the resources have to be available at one place. Employees should be able to search and access the latest version of these resources. 

By using an intranet with business messaging software, you can easily eliminate the need for multiple technologies. Intranet can change the way internal communication works in your company. It takes a strategy to use the intranet to address five types of communication needs.

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