How does the cell phone tracker work

A cell phone tracker is a software application that can be used by the parents as well as employers to track the cell phones of their children as well as employees without informing them. They can use a phone tracker like Hoverwatch to keep a vigilant eye on the activities of their children and employees on their respective cell phones.

 This tracker can be installed on cell phones parents and employers provided to their children and employees respectively to remain in touch with them. But most of them start misusing this facility by wasting their time wandering aimlessly, watching movies, playing games, chatting online as well as visiting sites with adult materials. 

All such things usually affect the productivity of the children as well as employees. The parents and employees can know about the calls made and received, text messages, videos, and images sent and received by their cell phone by using this tracker.

Why do users choose a spy application?

A cell phone is a great way to remain in touch with your family and friends but most of the children and employees misuse their cell phones when they see that no one is supervising them. 

They start watching movies, chatting with friends, playing games, and share unwanted materials, etc to waste the time which they should use to improve their educational knowledge or their productivity for the company they are working with.

Therefore, parents and employers prefer to use cell phone tracker such as Hoverwatch to monitor their children’s and employees’ activities on their mobile phones.

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Why do many people use Hoverwatch for phone tracking on Android phones?

Many people use this program to track android phones because Hoverwatch is an effective mobile phone tracker. It tracks the android phones very efficiently to know how a cell phone has been used. 

This tracker can record the history of calls as well as SMSs sent and received by that cell phone. It will also track the usage of camera and audio system of the phone as well as the usage of social media along with tracking the location of the phone, contact list, calendar and internet activities made through that cell phone.

What is the convenience of this spy app?

The spy app Hoverwatch, can be used by employers and parents who have provided cell phones to their employees and children respectively, to know how they are using their cell phones. This cell phone tracker can record the history of audio messages and calls as well as SMSs, images, and videos sent and received through that cell phone.

 It can also track the location of the cell phone, calendar and contact list of the children and employees. It can also track the usage of social media including Skype, WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook, SnapChat, and Instagram, etc. through that cell phone.

What are the main features of the app that will be useful?

The main features of Hoverwatch include:

Track text messages and calls

This phone tracker can record all incoming and outgoing calls as well as SMSs and MMSs received and sent through the targeted cell phone. It also allows the employers or parents to see the images, videos, and messages sent and received through their own phone without any information to the user of the said cell phone.

Remain completely invisible

The user of the targeted phone cannot know that they are being tracked as Hoverwatch remains completely invisible on their cell phone. Even after remaining untraceable this cell phone tracker can allow the parents as well as employers to monitor the target cell phones efficiently.

Track geolocation

The GPS of this phone tracker can allow you to use your account to track the location of the user of the target device. It tracks its location by using cell towers, Wi-Fi signals, and its GPS.

Track social media usage

This tracking app can be used to track the activities of the target users on social media platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook & Viber, etc. All the audio, video and image files shared on social media platforms can also be tracked through this spy app.

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What do I need to know to install the application on my phone?

Hoverwatch can be installed easily on a cell phone in a few simple steps stated here under:

First of all, you will have to open an online account with Hoverwatch by signing up on it for free. To open this account you will have to provide your personal information like your name, address, email address, and password, etc.

After opening your account you can download and install this app on cell phones to be tracked.

You can start tracking the cell phones of your children or employees after installing it successfully.

Pros and cons of using Hoverwatch


Hoverwatch as a cell phone tracker offers a number of benefits like:

  • Record browser history: You can track the list of the website visited by the user of the target cell phone.
  • Invisibility: This app remains invisible to allow you to track without being noticed by the cell phone user.
  • Webcam Photos: This spy app can also be deployed in the web camera of the target device to capture images of the surrounding where it is being used.
  • Desktop Screenshots: It can also capture screenshots regularly and send them to you frequently.
  • Remote Settings: You can change the settings as well as uninstall the tracker remotely without accessing it.
  • Track messages on social media: Social media platforms like Facebook, Skype and WhatsApp are mainly used these days for sending and receiving messages. This software tracker can also access the social media accounts of the user to track their activities.


Though you can change the settings and uninstall this cell phone tracker remotely but to install it on the target device you must have it physically, whether you are installing it initially or repeatedly. This is the biggest disadvantage of using Hoverwatch as well as any other spy application.

Conclusions and result

After testing the mobile phone tracker, it can be concluded that the Hoverwatch application, can help you track the full use of the target device without being noticed by its user. The main thing when using this application is not to forget about the ethical side and follow the laws of your country.

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