5 Signs That You Need A New Router

Today households have an average of 11 internet enabled devices and in nearly all of them having no Wi-Fi is like not having an internet connection at all. Going back to the days of being tethered to your table or desk is simply not possible.

If you’re here reading this article searching for signs you need a new router, you’re likely already know you need a router and are looking for confirmation or have had frequent Wi-Fi problems that you haven’t been able to permanently resolve. If you’ve troubleshooted beyond your hearts content and are fed up with Wi-Fi problems, the solution might have been right in front of you. Here are the top 5 signs that it may be time for a new router to get the most out of your internet service speeds.

Slow Internet Speeds

One of the first signs that there’s a problem with your router is the sudden slowdown in your internet service speeds. If you’ve been experiencing much slower speeds than usual, something is definitely wrong. Unfortunately slow speeds are a symptom of many problems related to your Wi-Fi, so buckle up and get ready for some troubleshooting before buying a new router.

Wi-Fi Frequently Drops In & Out

Does your Wi-Fi all the sudden keep dropping in and out? If it’s consistent and appears to be happening more frequently now more than ever, it could be that your router is on its way out. Before running out to the store to buy a new router, try using your wired ethernet connection for a while. Hard wiring your connection for a day or two will rule out the possibility of your Wi-Fi troubles coming from your internet provider instead. If staying connected via Ethernet cable is too inconvenient for your family, you can also try calling your internet provider to see what is going on. Most internet providers can check the current status of your modem and when it has disconnected and reconnected. If they find something suspicious or that you have an absurd amount of disconnections with a brand new device, they will send someone out to fix it. If this is a new occurrence with an old device, it’s most likely you have a faulty router.

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No Indicator Lights

As you could guess, amber or red indicator lights on your router means there’s a problem, but no indicator lights at all is something you need to act on now. Your router’s indicator lights should blink green intermittently or remain constantly lit even when none of your devices are in use. If your router’s indicator lights are not lit and you’re still able to get online, this is a warning sign your router is going to stop working soon. It’s time to replace your router before your family ends up with no Wi-Fi at all.

Your Router Is Hot

Your router is hard at work around the clock with no breaks, but like other electronics, running hot is never a good thing. Prolonged exposure to heat will greatly shorten the lifespan of your router. You could prolong your router’s demise by cleaning out the air vents with a can of air, but it’s likely the damage is already done. How often do you really check on your router like that? If you suspect it’s been running hot for a while, it’s time to replace your router. It’s best to replace it while it’s still working so you’re not scrambling to replace it.

It’s More Than 3 Years Old

If your router is more than 3 years old, you’re missing out on a better experience. Newer routers have better range and can handle much faster internet speeds. To put it in perspective, AC routers can handle up to three times the speeds of N routers and have much stronger antennas. So if you’re paying top dollar for top internet service and you have an old router, you’re simply paying more for internet your router can’t even deliver to you. When you replace your router, you’ll experience internet speeds you didn’t even know you could get.

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