Top Trendy Web Designing Themes to Watch out

The mere fact you are reading this article on a website instead of a newspaper manifests how essential sites have become a part of our lives. The realities around you are changing as people embrace new technologies to fulfill their needs. The guys who invented the ARPANET as a US defense project, that later evolved into the Internet, wouldn’t have imagined how the Internet would become an indispensable part of our lives. Yet, here we are still discussing how we can do better than what we have achieved over the last few decades. Human’s need for evolution and innovation is intrinsic, to which I guess even Darwin would agree.

The Internet has come a long way and now various kinds of innovations employed by people and businesses to reach their clients. Though one thing never changes and never will, the usage of websites. Websites have also evolved, if you compare today’s Facebook to 10 years ago, you will see a drastic change, why? Because everyone wants to give you a better user experience, so you do not turn to their competitors. This competition has led to finding out innovative ways of improving our websites and giving everyone an eye-catching look that leaves an imprint in their minds. Many questions arise, such as how to evaluate WordPress themes in 2020, and make your website better than others. Let’s delve into the matter at hand in some elaboration, so you can rise above the rest and impress your visitors.

Dark Mode

Well, it has not gone unnoticed that everything is going into dark mode. Whether you are using Android, Twitter, Whatsapp, or any other application, you always have the dark mode option available to you. And why is every app switching to it? Well, the answer is simple: it is popular with people. Web designing is also accommodating dark themes and styles considering their prevalence. With dark mode, your other design elements get more visibility than they would otherwise. Creating a pleasant contrast of colors without putting too much strain on the eyes of the visitors is the whole philosophy behind this concept. Furthermore, the more obvious advantage of the dark mode is saving energy as people get more concerned about their battery percentage while on the move.

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Don’t be surprised, we do not wish to trigger your OCD, but sometimes everything in perfect order also gets boring. As the straightforward designs have been in trend for quite some time, web designers now feel they should flirt around with the imperfections a bit. We do not mean to make your website a cluttered one but to include creating things like handwritten notes, drawings, and anything that creates a unique brand personality. The year 2020 itself has a theme of expecting the unexpected, your website could contribute something positive to the subject.

3D elements

Watching movies in 3D has been trendy for a while now, but on websites, this is a novel idea. Immersive 3D visual provides a new enticing look to the webpage that is quite different from any other. The goal of a website is to keep the user engaged for a longer time, and nothing works better than an interactive 3D design. Studies claim that almost half the people claim that the best way they judge the company is through their web design, so you would want to get serious about your plan.


Minimalism is a good thing to have even in your life, so if you introduce it to your websites, it will help significantly as a study by Google claims. Cluttering causes an uneasy feeling, and many people prefer to see minimalistic designs giving an aesthetic look. In 2020, such models return to fore as large portions of white spaces have an image or minimal writing. You could add as many pages as you want, but keeping all of them minimal will give your website an eye-catching look.

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Graphics and Photography

Yeah, it is old news that adding graphics to your website gives it an enchanting look. But we are taking it a notch further by including photography in the mix too. Adding photographs of models, objects, or anything remotely related to the content of your website will add some excellent appearances to your pages. Matching the pictures and graphics to the persona of your brand will attract the customers and remain in their visual memory for an extended time. Remember that the color blending is essential if you do not want your customers to think that you are overdoing it.

Robust frames and white space

Unlike the dark design, the predilection for whitespaces hasn’t remained unnoticed by the web designers, and they are also adding frames. White space is just an example, depending upon the personality of their brand, web owners are going for plenty of empty spaces to give you a soothing look. Anything captured inside a frame takes the visual to another level; that is why we use frames, right? The good news is, this concept is coming to web designing too with big white spaces, some necessary objects all trapped inside a structure.

Glow and luminosity

Diversification is trendy in 2020, that is why you see many concepts that are quite the opposite to each other. Adding some luminosity to your web design gives a futuristic look to the site, making you appear as if you are a forward-thinking brand. Most of the screen will be dark, with some parts giving a neon-like luminous look that pops out of the screen, catching your attention instantly. If you can pull it with perfection, your website will provide a distinctive appearance. The goal is to intrigue the users by giving a certain level of mystery so they would want to learn more about your brand that looks so sophisticated from the top.

Key Takeaways

You do not want to be the person who is part of a crowd, unrecognizable, and eventually left alone. Well, if you are an introvert, that might not be such a bad thing, but in the case of a brand website, that means only client dissatisfaction. The client is the boss, which is why every brand wants to seduce them by one or the other, and having a unique and eye-catching website is one of the ways. In 2020, web designers are thinking out of the box to create a distinctive look for a website that leaves a mark. Dark mode, minimalistic designs, or futuristic luminous outlook are some of the ideas that are making their way. The sites are now also relying on photographs and 3D design to tout their products eccentrically. Since this is a competition, if you do not catch up, you will be left far behind regretting this very moment of truth.

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