How to Get Better at League of Legends

Not being good at a game can be really frustrating. Gaming should be fun, but when you are always failing at one that you want to be good at, it takes away all the fun. 

Even expert players can hit a wall and feel like they are not getting any better and not having as much fun as a result.

No matter your skill level there is always more to learn and ways to improve. How can you improve? There are two ways that are fundamental. Increasing your knowledge about the game and improving technical skills.

In this article, we will go over some of the ways that you can build your knowledge and improve your play so you can get better at LoL.

Practice, practice, practice

This should go without saying that the more you play the better you will get. But, there is a huge caveat to this. You have to learn from your mistakes.

If you just keep playing without trying new things when you feel challenged, then you will just stay stuck.

Yes, things can be chaotic and it is difficult to break down what exactly happens in a team fight for example. But, when you can be analytical about your game you can improve.

The best way to practice is to buy a smurf account. and others will sell you a ranked smurf account to practice with. This is a great way to try out different strategies to see what works and improve your skills without destroying your ranking on your main account.

Some people buy these accounts so they can have fun destroying lower ranking players, but those people are not learning anything. If you really want to learn then stay way from that type of player.

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Learn last hitting

Improving your creep score (CS) is an important skill to master and increases when you can secure the last hit. When you are trying to build your gold, this is the way to build it up fast early on and is a skill that will serve you well throughout the life of your champion.

To understand if you are doing well, just take a look at your opponents and try to at least secure as much as them. If you have a smurf account, then this is a great way to practice those last hits for your creep score.

When you are practicing, focus more on this than you do on kills. And seek out opponents to practice on instead of just wandering around the map.

When you are engaged, don’t try to push past your lane. Just focus on the last hit and not try for every hit.

Learn kiting

How fast can your champion run away from opponents? That’s basically what kiting is. When you are facing a fight or flee scenario, sometimes the better option is to flee. Especially if you’re using a ranged champion. 

If you can run away for a while and your opponent chases you, then the damage output they can inflict on you when they catch up will be lower. 

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Understand the meta

This is when your knowledge of the game is essential. When you are not playing and learning by practicing, then you can learn by reading. Brush up on the current meta of the game. 

Things are always changing and it pays to stay on top of what the current best practises are. What worked to build your ranking may not work the next time you encounter some of the same scenarios. Talk to other people with more experience and learn from what they have to say. Read forums and ask tons of questions. This will broaden your understanding of how the game works. 

Master one champion

Some people like to cast a wide net and try to have a lot of different champions. This is faulty thinking as it means you never truly master any particular strategy. If you can focus on one champion and master it, then that is better than being average at a lot of different ones. 

You can try out different builds and work on how to inflict maximum damage on an opponent when you focus on one champion and learn its strengths.


There is nothing more rewarding than seeing the results of your dedication to something. If you really want to get better at LoL then you will. It takes time and some thinking outside the box but it is worth it in the end.

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