All You Need to Know About Rocket League

Rocket League has gained so much popularity in the video gaming world. This automobile soccer video game is one of the biggest gaming stories that provide live-service games. It was designed and published by Psyonix. In July 2015, the video game was initially released for PlayStation 4 (PS4) and Microsoft Windows. Later on, it featured ports for Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

The physical retail version of this game was released by 505 Games in June 2015 for Xbox One and PS4. At the end of 2017, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment had already taken over these distributions. In 2016, Linux and macOS versions of Rocket League were released. Sadly, in 2020, the support for these versions was dropped.

Financially speaking, the company has achieved a great deal of success. In June 2016, it recorded a revenue of $110 million U.S. as compared to $70 million U.S. achieved in December 2015. How was such significant revenue generated? Psyonix gives away content for free. Each year, there is an increase in the financial numbers recorded. Although, this does not include the number of downloads the company had when it gave out the game for free through PlayStation Plus.

During that month, over 5 million users downloaded and played the video game, which ended up building a large audience base. Presently, Rocket League has more than 3.3 million owners on Steam – this is an online site where the video game was never released for free. The highest-paid download platform on Rocket League has been PC gaming.

Based on reports made by Forbes, there have been over 15 million Rocket League players from its launch in July 2015 to this present day. There were more than 5 monthly active users in April that same year.

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What Is Rocket League?

Rocket League is a video game in which users play soccer using rocket-powered vehicles. This differs from the conventional soccer game most players are accustomed to. How is it being played? There are up to four different players that are assigned to two teams.

In this video game, players use their rocket-powered cars to hit the ball into the goal post of their opponents. The aim of the game is to win more points against your opponent. It becomes more interesting when you have to accomplish this using a supercharged vehicle.

There are single- and multiplayer modes you can select from which can be played online and locally. Interestingly, they can be played on various platforms on all versions. Game updates are released from time to time, which provides the ability for users to add new game modes and customize central rules. Games modes that can be added include even those based on basketball and ice hockey.

Rocket League Gameplay

In 2008, a video game titled Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars was developed for the PlayStation 3. Afterwards came its sequel, Rocket League. Although Battle-Cars had mixed reactions from players, it still acquired a huge following. Around 2013, Psyonix commenced the formal development of Rocket League with more refined gameplay, having learnt from Battle-Cars.

Due to these improvements, it gained wide recognition and applause for video gamers. Rocket League had more improved graphics and presentation. However, there was still criticism about its physics engine. That did not stop the game from earning several industry awards. By the beginning of 2018, it had already sold 10 million games and had 40 million players.

Today, it is recognised as an esport and enjoyed by both professional and part-time players around the world. Most professional players participate via ESL, formerly known as Electronic Sports League, Major League Gaming, and Rocket League Championship Series (RLCS).

Let us dive deeper into the gameplay. Rocket League has elements that can be associated with a demolition derby. Players hit balls that are bigger than their vehicles, with the aim of scoring goals. There is an option for the vehicles to jump and hit the ball mid-air. The pitch features marked spaces that help boost the speed of these vehicles. That helps get players faster across the pitch.

With such momentum, you can ram into your opponent’s car to destroy it. Once the car is destroyed, it respawns moments later. Boost can be applied while in mid-air to propel them forward during flight. The vehicle’s orientation can be changed even while mid-air which provides better control. Dodging your opponent’s cars is simple to achieve.

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Rocket League Duration

A typical match lasts five minutes. Whereby there is a game tie at the end of the match, sudden-death overtime is awarded. The match is played between one-on-one and four-on-four players. Casual and ranked playlists can be included in the match. You can use ranked playlists in Rocket League’s competitive online mode. In this section, players get to compete within several multilevel ranks in a game season. One’s wins and losses reduce or increase the individuals ranking on the list respectively.

Rocket League also has a single-player season mode in which a player competes against computer-controlled players. In December 2016, there was an update which introduced Custom Training sequences for players to create and share with other players on the same platform. Using this functionality, you can specify the ball’s path and indicate the presence and skills of opponents, thereby practising shots-on-goal on the field several times.

Rocket League In Esports

Rocket League has an increased popularity in esports with various matches being held on Twitch and several other live streaming platforms. The first Rocket League Championship Series (RLCS) was announced by Psyonix in March 2016. The competition finals were held in August 2016 with a prize pool of $55,000 U.S. Amazingly, this competition generated over $1 million U.S. in revenues which were used to fund other events in the course of the year.

Not too long after the release, Rocket League was established officially as a sponsored event, joining ESL. In July 2017, a Rocket League tournament was conducted at the Summer X Games, just outside the U.S Bank Stadium with a prize pool of $75,000 U.S.

Today this video game is even reviewed positively by gaming critics. If you would like to know more about Rocket League, please visit this link: Rocket League news updates and reports.

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