Quick Guide to Playing Sudoku

If you are a lover of the Sudoku free puzzles, it’s a good idea to download the Sudoku game app. Every week, you will have the opportunity to enjoy over 100 new Sudoku puzzles. You will have the full benefit of playing Sudoku every day when you download the app right now. When you download a Sudoku free puzzle game today, you will have access to the following features:

  • Clear layout
  • Easy control through easy tools
  • Intuitive interface
  • Great gameplay
  • Current Sudoku will be available such as letter Sudoku, and killer Sudoku
  • Every week, you will get 100 new Sudoku free puzzles
  • You have the opportunity of turning the timer on or off 
  • Protect your eyes at night through the use of dark mode
  • Share with friends through Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and so on

When you go for a Sudoku free puzzle game today, you can also enjoy some of the other benefits like:

  • Online and offline Sudoku
  • You can pause and resume the game without losing any progress through the auto-save settings
  • Enjoy the unlimited redo and undo function
  • When you place the number, you can also remove blocks rows, and columns automatically
  • Highlighting identical numbers can be turned on and off
  • You can have the sound effects on or off

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Addictive Sudoku Free Puzzles 

Another classic addictive wooden style block puzzle game is BlockuDoku. A great combination of sudoku and block puzzle games. You will have to fit different shapes into a 9 x 9 grid to build lines and squares. Daily challenges will keep you engaged and always wanting to take on harder-to-solve puzzles.

In this classic block puzzle game, you can find the brand new combo mode when you play this class of Sudoku free puzzles like BlockuDoku. Since it is fit for all skill levels, you can enjoy your time as you eliminate blocks you play BlockuDoku.

As a free classic block puzzle game, some of the features of BlockuDoku  include:

  • Different block shapes that will keep you guessing
  • Addictive and simple
  • Challenging and classic as well as regularly update of different shapes of blocks
  • Close to the nature with the wooden style interface with an elaborate interface
  • Easy to control and fast to understand rules
  • Always challenging the player, never dull or boring
  • You can place a temporarily unwanted block through a grid with the feature of innovation in the classics
  • Keep your score increase by destroying elements with a few moves
  • No time limit as it is a pure game-environment
  • No wifi is required to play
  • Completely free to play

More features include not having to worry about ads and enjoying a slick and beautiful board. From beginner to expert, you can play the Sudoku free puzzles with your mobile app. You can also play hard or use error and hints highlights.

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