Finding Your Office Space in NYC
Finding Your Office Space in NYC

Life in New York City can be an adventure in itself. Originally founded as a Dutch trading post in the early 1600s, throughout the five boroughs, you can find intermingled cultures and a host of eclectic homes and neighborhoods. Additionally, you have a variety of office spaces in NYC to choose from as well, and this variety can be overwhelming.

Any NYC business professional needs to have a proper office space to conduct business affairs. And though many startups begin in garages of private homes, often the best tool for a thriving business to flourish is its own office space NYC has numerous spaces available, with amenities that range from practical to lavish.

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Let’s explore the types of office spaces available in the NYC area.

The Traditional Space

The most traditional office spaces in NYC are suited for small businesses where it is common to have a small staff or no staff and to conduct everyday business affairs. The larger of these spaces typically come with a few executive office rooms and large bullpen (commonly used for cubicles) and receptionist space. 

Typically, traditional office spaces include:

  • Receptionist area
  • Board or Conference rooms
  • Executive space
  • Bullpen area
  • Break area

The following is a breakdown of the types of spaces generally available in today’s commercial office space. NYC is a prime example of a location featuring a variety of all three basic classes of office space available.

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Class A

This class is home to the most significant and most excellent office spaces in the NYC market, often found in and around the more luxurious parts of Manhattan. Class A office buildings offer an elegant feel to invigorate your brand. Usually, these spaces are set in decadent, historical buildings (as found in the Upper West Side) or are newly constructed and features cutting edge designs. 

Premium location and property management are often the prime attributes of a Class A office space. Along with the perfect location, these spaces also feature optimized technical infrastructure already integrated. 

These buildings also can include numerous amenities such as tenant services, maintenance, concierge area, private elevators, helipads, and formal waiting rooms.

Class B 

This class is found in places offering reliable services and property management but is smaller in size and less expensive. These are typically found in neighborhoods such as in Queens, the Bronx, Brooklyn, etc.

Smaller tenants mostly own class B office spaces, often sole-proprietorships or startups. Such offices can be found in prime areas such as strip malls or standalone buildings but enjoy cheaper leases than Class A spaces.

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Class C

Here we have the lowest of the classes. Class C office buildings are the properties with fewer services than Class B. Class C office buildings are rare in the NYC office market because they struggle to compete with better amenities and services offered by higher class office spaces.

Typical Class C spaces are found in single locations such as converted mobile homes or a space alongside or on top of another business in a commercial district, which isn’t as appealing as Class A and B.

Choosing Your Space

For any business in NYC, whether selling cufflinks or offering maid service, needs a home. Entrepreneurs and startup CEOs may also need to consider that space where you work will also represent the brand, so correspondingly, it needs to suit the brand well.

Always keep in mind that, as a business grows, the space it needs to flourish must evolve with it. Knowing this, you may have to start small, but it’s best to start somewhere.