CS: GO Skins 2019: Getting It for Free

When Counter-Strike: Global Offensive CS: GO was released, in one review from Forbes, it has been given a high rating for being a promising improvement from the old version of Counter-Strike. Past forward to several years after, it is still one of the most popular Steam games. The thrill comes not only from the exciting gameplay but also from the different in-game items that players collect.

From the cheapest knife in CSGO to the rarest weapons, including AWP, many players are interested in loading their inventory with unique and valuable finds. In this article, however, our focus will be on skins.

Skins are known for their aesthetic value. Especially when they wrap your weapons, it makes them more appealing in one way or another. Skins, however, can be rare and expensive. Even for those who are avid players of CS: GO, it can be frustrating to not have any valuable skin as a part of your arsenal. That said, if you are curious to find out the variety of ways by which you can have free skins, keep on reading and learn from the tips we’ll share. Buying is not the only option!

Keep on Playing

CS: GO is free to play, so there is no reason to not download and enjoy the game. The more you play, the more chances you are of having free skins, although, most that you will get are probably the basic ones. The most organic way of having skins under your possession is to keep on playing CS: GO. There will be random drops during the play.

However, if you want to own CS: GO skins through playing the game, this is only possible if you access allowed servers. It has to be Valve Anti-Cheat enabled. It is also necessary that you do not play with bots.

Safe to say, this is the best way to get CS: GO skins for free. You are having a good time playing the game while waiting to be rewarded with free skins. However, take note that there is a low likelihood that you will get free rare skins, especially if you are a new player and not joining tournaments.  

Wait for Giveaways

This is not one thing that happens often, but if you are lucky enough, you might just have the chance to encounter CS: GO skins giveaway. It is a lottery that is organized randomly by websites and people in the Steam community. Often, your email address or Steam account will be asked to enter a lottery. There will be a draw and the name picked will be the one eligible to receive the skin, among other possible prices.

Look for Offer Walls

Different websites have a variety of ways of offering free skins. It is up to you to decide which ones will be worth your time. In most cases, the skins that you will get are basic. Nonetheless, it is still worth a try, especially if the requirements are simple.

One of the most common offers is to sign-up on the website. After registering with a valid email address, you can immediately receive CS: GO skins as a reward. In some situations, the requirements are more complex. You will need to collect points from every activity that you complete on the website, and once you have accumulated enough, this is now the time that you can get your free skins.

Join Surveys and Watch Videos

This is an unconventional method of collecting free skins. We don’t recommend that you resort to these means, but we would like to discuss it anyway to explore the possibilities to have new skins. All that you have to do is to answer surveys and watch videos. You will earn points for your effort. In turn, once you have collected enough points, you can exchange it for free skins. While this might initially seem like a good idea, the truth is, it is not going to be easy. You will need a lot of points and it will take quite a while before you meet the minimum requirement. We think that this won’t be worth any effort at all. Plus, the free skins that you will get are often useless.

Should You Get Free CS: GO Skins?

Now that you know about some of the best ways to obtain free skins, the next thing that you should be concerned about is that if they are worth the effort or it is nothing but a waste of your precious time. However, if you will ask us, the answer is NO. They are not worth your time. It is frustrating to be engaged in a variety of activities only to find out that you end up with a useless CS: GO skin.

Save and Buy CS: GO Skins

If your main goal is to collect CS: GO skins, we suggest that you consider buying as an alternative. The most expensive CS: GO skins have prices that will overwhelm many people, but every dollar will be worth it. Their rarity and value will make the price shoot up, making the skin unaffordable for most people.

The good thing about buying is that you have the option to choose the skins that you want. If you are just waiting for free skins to drop on your inventory, you will probably end up only with the basic and low-value ones.

One of the best things about buying CS: GO skins is that it can be an investment. Some players are struggling to sell skins because they are in urgent need of cash or they want to quit the game. You can buy these skins at a fair price, and after several years, when the supply becomes limited, you can sell it at a profit. This is one of the smartest ways for gamers to earn money.


In sum, there are multiple ways to earn CS: GO free skins, including those that have been mentioned. However, the problem is that in most instances, they are not worth the effort. You will most likely end up with basic skins with low or no value. With this, if you don’t have the luxury of time but you have the budget, it is better to buy skins instead. However, consider the purpose of skins beyond cosmetics to be sure that your money won’t end up going to waste.