common router problems and how to fix it

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Most of the people thinking from more than a decade that router is the perfect product for small businesses and home offices. unfortunately no, because we all have followed all the instruction while setting up the router first time, but what are the reasons that our connection is not working as they should. We all observe that everything is working properly before but suddenly some issue occurs. 

You want to make your router somewhat more reliable something you can do to improve WiFi performance in your house or office today. Now Before we Let us Begin with troubleshooting always bear in mind that 80% router Problems Can be solved Just by changing & littling troubleshooting of settings. use default Router Ip such as to Login the Router.

Be in touch with article for the guidelines to isolate and solve router problems: 

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1. Internet Connectivity problem:- 

It happen to all of us. You are in the middle of a movie or trying to submit some assignment or many more. Everything just fridges and that little yellow icon says No internet connection. 

The relatively easy fix 

  • Go over to your router which probably have some indicator lights. 
  • Unplug it 
  • Wait a minute
  • Plug it back 
  • All though probably you back on online. 

2. Slow internet connection:-  

  • Check your internet plan.
  • Reposition your router. 
  • Reboot your router.
  • Go for new DNS server. 
  • Optimize your browser. 
  • May be there is some problem in cable line so call ISP.

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3. loose cable connection:- 

  • check your router is receiving electricity from power outlet because sometimes someone in the family accidentally unplug the power or turn it off.

4. Wrong configuration:- 

  • It can be accessed through your web browser. 
  • Visit to your router IP address like,
  • If you do not have any idea about your router IP address then find router address by checking router instruction booklet or find the default login IP address behind the router. 
  • When you come to know your IP address then visit to Access Router Settings & Dashboard. 

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5. Fail to recall password:- 

  • Restore router to the factory setting.
  • Search for reset button.
  • This is usually present on the back of your router.
  • Use pain/paperclip or any sharp tip material to press the reset button.
  • Press and hold the reset button for approx 30 second.
  •  The light will flash on the router.
  • Now go for accessing router login page.  

6. Connection dropping more than Once a day:- 

  • Upgrade the router firmware to the newest version.
  • Restart your router or Reboot your router. 
  • Upgrade your outdated device driver. 
  • Reinstall the Operating System.
  • Buy a new router. 

I Hope you all found some strategies to fix this. 

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