Reasons For The Printer Showing Offline: 

There could be several reasons why a printer despite being connected to a WiFi connection shows printer offline. Some of the common reasons are the WiFi connection fluctuating. There could be a possibility that the WiFi connection is not able to sync with the printer hence it shows offline. 

Another common reason for the hp printer to show offline is printer has run out of ink, this error can occur if the printer is involved in heavy duty printing. Further this error can occur if the print-head is clogged also if the HP printer is not able to recognize the cartridges installed. It will give an error message Hp printer is offline. 

The printer can give an error message of HP printer being offline when the printer suffers a power cut or it suffers a paper jam error. Please note when these errors occur the hp printer slips into an offline mode. 

In a work-space many devices are connected to the hp printer available on shared network. In this situation also the printer might reflect as offline mode. The possible reason is that the WiFi button available on the hp printer is turned off. The other reason could be WiFi network button in your laptop or the WiFi setting on your tablet or Ipad is turned off. This setting should be enabled in both hp printer and system for smooth and efficient functioning at both ends. 

Invalid or faulty print jobs and length of the paper loaded in the hp printer does not match. Print jobs get stuck in the printer queue due to which the HP printer does not print or shows its offline. The print jobs available in print queue can be cancelled to rectify this error. They can be given again one by one to complete the printing task efficiently. The paper loaded for printing in the printer is not of the same length hence it causes an error while printing or reflects that the hp printer offline

The heavy duty and bulk printing, occasional use of printers cause the printer head to clog and the cartridges to dry up hence due to these two key reasons the hp printer shows offline instead of online. 

The HP printer drivers are not installed appropriately which makes it difficult for the system to search the printer and get connected again. Pirated or outdated drivers of the printer make it difficult for the system and printer to sync which each other and carry out the heavy printing jobs. 

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Strategies To Enable Hp Printer To Print:

On your desktop or laptop please click on start menu then select the control panel option from the control panel please select the option of devices and hp printers this will open a list of available printers in your range. Please select your printer and right click on the printer. Also select the option please select the option set as default printer. This option will enable the printer to print each time without selecting the hp printer again and again each time you need to print. 

Second strategy is when the hp printer runs out of ink or gives an error message of low ink you need to reset the cartridge by unplugging the cartridge from the hp printer by opening the printer cover from the front. You need to check whether the cartridge tape is securely removed or not. This will help you print securely and efficiently. 

You can remove the power cord and reconnect the hp printer to the system to avoid the issue of the hp printer going offline. You can ensure that the printer is connected to the inverter or UPS to avoid the printer power failure even if your area has a frequent issue of power failure. 

Remove paper jam manually from the hp printer by opening the front cover of the printer. Remove the cartridge from the printer so and securely pull out the paper from the hp printer this will help you remove the paper jam securely. 

You need to reinstall and download the updated driver of the hp printer. So that the print job can be carried out efficiently, also it does not give an error message hp printer is offline. Updated drivers ensure smooth and efficient functioning of the printer and allow the user to eradicate errors while printing.

While carrying out print jobs from the shared printer network please ensure the WiFi button is switched on the printer this way the printer can print the documents properly.

Please ensure that all faulty print jobs are cancelled and you give the print jobs again by resetting the printer. This will assist you to print smoothly. Also please select the properties of the printer to select the tray where the pages of the printer are appropriately loaded. As mismatched paper size will cause an error while printing.

Always reinstall the printer driver in the system; please update the same so that the printer prints smoothly and efficiently.   

Please clean the printer head manually as automatic cleaning uses up a lot of ink to clean.

 An indispensable part of our lives, printer has greatly impacted the literacy rate, now the readership has expanded to a much wider level than before. In the early times, reading was an expensive business and it was limited to just a few privileged ones. The coming of the printing press in 1439 gave an impetus to the concept of printing. Now talking about the printing brand that our article deals in, HP abbreviated as Hewlett Packard is an American company founded in 1984. This printing brand has dominated the market in terms of its demand and competitive prices and varieties that it has on offer.Before understanding the entire procedure to connect the Hp printer is offline to mac as the title suggests, let us try to understand a little about Mac computers.

Mac OS, the operating system, an Apple range was developed in 1984 primarily to enable the functioning of the company’s range of personal computers. using the graphical user interface technology, built-in screen, and mouse. It was introduced twelve years later after the company itself was founded by its founder Steve Jobs.Mac OS, Macintosh line of computers owing to its fantastic user-friendly features some of which are mentioned in the earlier part has gone down well with the users worldwide.

Now let us indulge in a step by step procedure to connect the HP printer is offline. It is imperative to download and install an hp printer driver before actually connecting it to mac.Have a careful read below!

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Detailed Step Wise Procedure To Download And Install Hp Printer Driver.

  • First of all, open your browser and type or and proceed to the next step.
  • Furthermore, enter the name of the printer in use in the search box and hit click on the search button.
  • From the list that you would be provided, click on your printer’s name.Thereafter click on the “Download” option next to your printer name.
  • Now in order to save the file on your system, click on the “Run” or “Save file” option depending upon your browser.
  • In order to find the downloaded folder, look for the “Downloads” folder and double click on the downloaded file.
  • Allow the program to make appropriate changes to the system by clicking on the “Yes” option.
  • Now click on the “I agree” to accept the license agreement.
  • Here in this step, click on “Install” and you would then be asked to fill in your username and password.
  • EA’s the last step, fill in your username and password and then click on the “Install software” link.

Now you after downloading and installing an hp printer driver you are good to connect it to mac computer. Read the detailed steps below.

Detailed Step-wise Procedure To Connect Hp Printer To Mac.

  • First of all, select wireless and connect the computer to USB cable if and when required.
  • Now in order to connect your hp printer, go to the Apple menu and click on the “System preferences”.
  • Now from the given options, select according to the version of your operating system.
  • From the given list, select the name of your printer in present use and click on “+” sign to add your printer.Thereafter select the name of your printer and hit the “Continue” option.
  • After selecting the print using or use the menu, select the name of your printer.
  • Click on the add option to add your printer and thereafter close the window.

Your Hp printer is now connected to your mac. You are good to either print or scan using your printer.

Consult The Professionals!:

If the above-detailed steps do not lead you to comfortably connect your hp printer is offline, you can always make the best use of the HP Support Assistant option in your HP system or reach out to their professionals through the contact details mentioned on their official website.

Keep reading this space for more such technology-related write-ups.


The concluding words of the article say that an HP printer is offline works on modernized and effective printing solutions, as a user we must ensure that printer does not suffer a paper jam or a failure in power connection as this will assist you in printing smoothly. While loading the paper please ensure it is of the same length. Please always check the ink levels before printing. 

The HP smart app will assist you to install the hp printer offline in a remote manner and print from any place you like. Please ensure the cartridges are clicked properly. Please unplug the cartridges and reinstall. 

The cartridge can be a faulty one or a dried up one you can install the cartridge and fire a test print. The software of the printer can be downloaded easily from the official website of HP. Software CD is also available.  

All the above steps and strategies can help you print well from the printer.  

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