Black Desert Coming to the PS4 in 2019, Pre-Order

In this digital era, the gaming world has evolved to the level where one expects to feel and experience each and every move of the game. The evolution of gaming industry has certainly allowed us to be a part of the virtual real time games. As a gamer, what you seek is any fast-paced and real-time game that catches your attention into exploring and experiencing the immersive gaming world. 

Here we are about to explore about the new game coming up for the PS4 users, Black Desert in 2019. Black Desert Online is a multi-player game that allows role-playing by a Korean game developed by Pearl Abyss. 

However, Black Desert has launched earlier for Windows and Xbox, but now is the time for the users of PS4 to enjoy the privilege of owning a game of a lifetime. The game is to be out soon for the users of PS4 – but you can pre order right away from July to get your hands on this game as soon as it comes out. By having the privilege of ordering it earlier you can be the one to excel the bonus items as well as have an earlier excess on the in-game stock before anyone else does prior to the conventional market release. So, be the one availing this opportunity of having the game beforehand and earning a bonus along with the feel of a gamer who accomplishes the series once and excels in the game – Black Desert is a game that wouldn’t make you lose interest because of its astonishing storytelling, features and graphics.

Black Desert Online is real time revolutionary game that enhances the action-packed combat theory which includes the hunting of monsters and bosses. The beginning of the game includes makeover of the character. Once the character is customized and is ready to be the warrior in the game, the game moves ahead and begins the adventure. The customization of the character is highly programmed as is considered as one of the best character customization in the system. As the character is now equipped the game moves ahead by entering you into a huge open world map where you get a platform to explore and experience the luxury of gaming. This blood-gore rated violent game is about to make a huge impact in the gaming industry with its skills and activities of attacking and dodging, have an experience of an actual combat era in a world that is to be explored at its very best. 

Furthermore, one of the biggest beyond-belief factors of Black Desert Online for PS4 is the astounding graphics used to compose the game. These surreal graphics would make you experience a real-life journey through-out the game. The game has a story line which you must explore by looking out the entire plot of the game and immerse in the vivacity of the game’s realistic realm. The graphics are so real that it could even make the weather movements like typhoons and winds giving the feel of a real-time environment. The game is now up with its real time features enabling the users to experience the real gaming session along with companions because it enables multi-player gaming.

The storyline of the game is set up in the primitive time where two nations – Republic of Calpheon and Kingdom of Valentia started their conflict and these two rivalry nations started to battle on basis of accomplishments and qualifications. Both the nations are always beyond good terms having the criticality of the Calpheon being an acquisitive nation and Valentia being a spiritual one. The combat system here started to its extent along with massive massacres. The four great nations to be mentioned in the game are Calpheon, Serendia, Balenos and Mediah; these four nations were in peace but since the Black Death occurred that made its route through Valencia – the nation that controls the trade and lies in east of Mediah. Hundreds of deaths took place because of plague, whereas, other major populace died because of paranoia. After a massacre of deaths, many nations bowed down and made an alliance with one another, because of which, they were able to withstand tragedies. But in the end, a war took place which lasted for a good period of 30 years, profiting Mediah the most. When the war came to an end, Valencia started to trade again with the nations and the search and urge for black stones revived once again. 

You as a player have full access in the Black Desert Online game to aim and classify the combat and fights by making different moves and skills. As the game is a multi-player game, you can use a selection of battle features available through different packages of skills like attacking the other and dodging to defend yourself. Player vs. player can be executed as well. The game allows being a part of the mount combat as well; training, feeding and managing the mount is what you are responsible for. Have a real-life experience with this online multiplayer game on your PS4. 

The variations of day and night takes place gradually, allowing every season and monsoon taking place along with the effects of lighting and graphics. As the variation occurs from day to night, different modes of game are enabled with various different effects and progression. The game has the features to enable you perform multi-tasking implying on the real life like housing, fishing, crafting etc. You may be able to come up with activities such as furnishing your houses, trading your stock and farming for an earning. The Black Desert Online has been experienced by multi-players earlier on Xbox and Windows, but now is the time for the PS4 users to enjoy the privilege of having Black Desert Online with its exceptional characteristics, deep dedicated graphics, and in-game purchases and gadgets. The console will be different than what people have been experiencing earlier, but the level of gaming has certainly raised bars, all ready to embark epic experience for dedicated PS4 gamers. 

The game is now being launched for PS4 uses soon enough for a cost of minimum $29.99, whereas you can have the privilege to enjoy a deluxe version at a cost of $49.99. The battlefield in Black Desert Online is set up to raise the bar of modern gameplay effects. The combat, characters, graphics and view are faithfully composed on a reality-based environment. 

The believers of a near-to-real gaming world are speechless by the game Desert Eagle because this is what the gamers have desired for a very long time – a real time action-oriented game with classic graphics and combat settings. What else you could ask for?

Since, the gaming industry is going to a next level now; there are a number of games that claim to be with face-off levels with Black Desert Online. But let’s be honest guys, there isn’t much competition with this unbeatable online role-playing game. 

Though, Black Desert Online is to be the most rated and awaited game for the users of PS4 but not to forget its head-to-head competitor – the Cyberpunk 2077. Since, Black Desert claims to have the best character customization feature, so does Cyberpunk 2077 with its character V, where you may customize the player from its gender to clothing. The competitor Cyberpunk 2077 is up to the mark because of the starring of Keanu Reeves as Johnny Silver hand. The game is no less than Black Desert Online and is really hard to decide where the bar lies because certainly this cannot match the level of fan hood due to the Spiderman Jacket craze among its fans – all you know is people going crazy for the real leather outfit.

To all the gamer out there, this is the chance to avail the earlier booking of your classic favorite game Black Desert Online for PS4 right away, grab this opportunity and be the one who accesses the game forehand along with bonus and credentials. The game is a mark of an evolution in the history of gaming due to its astonishing graphics and real-time role-playing methodology. The game has a built-up history which interests the player fully into the game with all the nations and their conflicts. To be a gamer – you have been consistent with the game series and once you get along with the game, you indulge into it. Black Desert Online has the same consistency in it and it has the audacity to attract the player and make the player ponder about the game all the time which eventually makes you invest your time, energy and stamina into it. Videogames are just not a game to consider, because when it comes to gaming – gamers can be quite serious and competent. Black Desert Online is now ready to be pre booked in July; so, all the gamers out there be ready to pre book the game for a life time experience and to avail the best of package among with extra features and bonuses.

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