Advantages of Adding an SSL Certificate to Your Website

Do you want your website to be attacked by cyber criminals or hackers? 

Do you wish that they steal your business and finances?

If not, then buy Wildcard SSL certificate for your website. In today’s world, installing SSL (Secured Socket Layer) certificate has become a necessity for any website. In fact, most of the sites use SSL certificates to encrypt information; keeping it safe from fraudsters, hackers or cyber-criminals.

About SSL Encryption & Security:

SSL security uses RSA (Rivest–Shamir–Adleman) encryption method, in the form of certificates to secure data stored in websites. The base of RSA encryption is cryptosystem, wherein encryption of data is done by using cryptographic algorithms and methods. 

In this asymmetric cryptographic method shown in the above picture, the sender uses public key for encryption and sends the message. The receiver on the other end uses a private key, which he has for decrypting the message. This is one of the safest methods to transfer data.

Installation of SSL certificate on your website, means securing your website with 2048-bit encryption. All the data transmitted between servers and browsers are encrypted with the strongest SHA-256 (compatible with 99.9% mobile and web browsers), 2048-bit encryption. It becomes very difficult for cyber-criminals to decrypt the sensitive information, thus enabling them to visit other sites for their malicious intentions.

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About SSL Types & Brands:

There are various brands and types of SSL certificates which cater different business needs. Let’s have a quick view at some of them.

  • Single Domain SSL: Secures only one domain name
  • Multi-Domain SSL: Secures multiple domains and sub-domains
  • Wildcard SSL: Secures your domain and unlimited sub-domains
  • DV SSL: Domain Validation SSL validates and secures the domain name
  • OV SSL: Organisation Validation SSL verified business existence and secures the entire business assuring visitors, that your site is a secured one 
  • EV SSL: Extended Validation SSL verifies company’s legal identity, domain ownership and check with third party about business details.

SSL brands (Comodo, DigiCert, Thawte etc.) provide warranties, unlimited server licences, unlimited reissues, and 24/7 customer support facility for securing your site.

By now, you must be having a fair understanding about the security that SSL certificate provides to your site. Let’s have an insight into some of the positives of SSL installation on your website.

Advantages of installing SSL certificate:

Data Encryption & PCI Compliance:

As mentioned above, SSL uses strong encryptions as security measures by safeguarding data transmitted between servers and browsers. It protects all sensitive information stored on your desktops like credit card numbers, ATM numbers, PIN numbers, passwords, bank account details, customer information etc. 

In a business ecommerce website, apart from securing your personal information, it’s very essential to secure customer data and other monetary transactions made by customers. 

MITM (Man in the middle) attacks are dangerous threats for customers making online payments. Cyber-criminals wait for credit card numbers and passwords entered by customers during purchase of items, or for any other purposes, and can intercept and misuse the data, if it is in a plain format. Hence SSL certificate is compulsory for e-commerce websites as per PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard).

In SSL, encrypted information can be decrypted only by authorised decryption key. Encryption prevents forgery or theft of information by cyber-thieves.

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SEO Ranking:

Since Google loves to provide secured sites to its users, it has included sites having SSL certificate security as a ranking factor in SEO.

This search engine giant loves to stay on the top, by providing its users with the best search results, by changing different ranking algorithms, and SSL certificate security for website is one of them. 

Ensure that all the pages of your website are secured with SSL certificate, since Google announces results on page basis but not on-site basis. Make sure that the certificate is properly installed, and if there is any confusion, you can always ask for expert help, which is provided by the respective SSL brand you are opting for.

Sign of Trust: 

Since customers are cautious and aware about cyber-thefts happening all over the world, they look out for trust-worthy websites to make transactions. They check the main trust indicators before approaching any site. A green padlock and “https” in the address bar are trust signals which are seen when a site has SSL certificate installed in it.

Another added advantage is that SSL certificates of different brands come with a site seal which is either dynamic or static. This site seal is visible on different pages of the website which connects instantly with the customer giving them a sense of security and safety. These trust signals enable visitors to repeatedly come back to the secured site increasing business revenues. 

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Preventing Phishing Attacks:

Phishing attacks are those attacks, where a fraudster poses himself as a trusted identity, and tempts the victim into opening an identical e-mail or fake link to fulfil his malicious intentions. Cyber-criminals copycat websites, they cannot copycat domain names, but they do get an almost similar domain name to cheat customers. And the truth is, we don’t usually check the domain name minutely before opening an email link, which benefits them.

Since phishing and MITM attacks are on the rise, SSL certificate acts like a protective cover for such websites. Fraudsters can create identical sites, but they can’t create cloned SSL certificates. That’s when the attack is prevented, and the loss is nullified. 

EV SSL works the best in such cases, which is a proof that the company is legal, and the site is legitimate.


Why do I need an SSL certificate for my website? This article has all the answers to your question. Since your sensitive information needs to be kept a secret, buy SSL certificate and install it on your website. 

Installing SSL certificate on your website has ample benefits. In fact, they help you in preventing your personal information, stored in your website, going in wrong hands; which in turn saves your business from financial damages. This symbol of trust, security and safety, is a favourite amongst visitors visiting your site. This will in turn lead to repeat customers, referrals and increase in business revenues. Go grab your SSL now.