6 Compelling Reasons to Setup a Network Attached Storage in Your Own Home

You know better than most that data rules everything around us — and that being able to safely store and access that data can make life a whole lot easier. And while you’ve likely used network attached storage in your office, setting up a NAS system in your home could be beneficial as well.

Here are just a few of the most compelling reasons you should consider installing one:

It’s easier than you think

Whether you’re an IT professional, the amateur tech wizard or just your average internet browser, setting up a network attached system in your home can be quick, easy and painless.

All you need to do is purchase your hard drives and the NAS unit. Simply plug in the hard drives, connect the unit to your network — either through an ethernet cable or wirelessly — and begin managing it through your desktop.

If you’d like to extend the unit’s reach across your entire home, you can also connect digital media receivers to the NAS.

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You’ll save money

If you’re sick and tired of paying monthly or annual cloud storage fees, network attached storage can save you thousands while offering a significantly higher amount of storage. Rather than paying recurring subscription fees, you pay a few one-time costs for the hard drives and the NAS unit — which will likely range around $500 to $700 — and that’s it.

It’s faster than you think

As if saving time and money isn’t appealing enough, one of the most compelling reasons to install a NAS system in your home is increased access to your own data. Unlike other storage methods, you can store your files locally with NAS, which makes them much faster to access.

And along with faster access to your files, you actually get much more space to store your data with a NAS system because it doesn’t take internet bandwidth to access the files.

Because, really, who couldn’t use a little productivity boost?

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It’s better for collaboration

Many NAS systems come with settings that can make access data a remotely simple and secure process, so you and your coworkers, friends or family members can collaborate or share files wherever and whenever you want.

It would be similar to accessing a shared file on Google Drive or Office 365 but without the risk of relying on cloud technology.

You’ll sleep better at night

And finally, NAS means you don’t have to worry about a cloud-based storage system accidentally deleting all your files. Even if your home internet goes out, you can find some hard drives that can withstand outages without compromising data.

Network attached storage can make your work and home life simpler, cheaper and more efficient. As you shop around, don’t be afraid to shop refurbished devices. But before you install a network attached storage system in your home, protect yourself by making sure you find a retailer who offers technical support and a strong warranty.