3 types of toll-free numbers and their significance in your business

When there is a discussion about ways to get hold over high customer satisfaction, reduced operational burden, high ROI, and offering around the clock customer assistance, the mention of toll-free number comes at the top. This one tool is what you need to achieve this and many more. Though there is a lot of buzz about them, there are still a lot under the cover. 

Here, we will try to explain the three different types of toll-free numbers and ways to get them –

International Toll-Free Numbers

The very first and most common type of international toll-free number is international toll-free numbers. They are country-specific numbers that allow callers to make toll-free in-country calls. For example, if you’re using a toll-free Singapore phone number, then the calls will be toll-free only for the Singapore customers. Anyone calling from outside Singapore has to bear the call incurring charges.

These numbers come with a whole set of features like call forwarding, call transferring, IVR, and many more to streamline things. For example, your Philippines phone number can divert the calls to any of the mobile devices and landlines to ensure no call goes unattended. It can also do auto call recording for future reference.

For which type of business they are the best fit?

If you are a business that operates in multiple geographical locations, then international toll-free numbers are the right thing to get. In this way, they set their customers of a specific customer free from bearing high international call incurring charges. They can easily buy the toll-free number of the targeted country and can separate it from home locations.

Domestic Toll-Free Numbers

The second type of toll-free number on our list is a domestic toll-free number or true 800 numbers. Practically speaking, they are similar to international toll-free numbers. Callers of a particular location can call on them without bearing any call cost.

The only difference is that they come with a few cost and operational restrictions. In the case of the international phone numbers, businesses have to bear extra charges for all the calls made to mobile phones and payphones. It is not the case with domestic toll-free numbers. These types of toll-free numbers are more common in countries like Philippine, Singapore, Japan, and New Zealand.

For which type of business they are the best fit?

If a business wants its callers to call from any device and don’t want to bear any added cost burden for the same can go for domestic toll-free phone numbers.

Universal International Freephone Numbers (UIFN)

The third and last type of toll-free number is Universal International Freephone Numbers or UIFN. Because of their ability to allow callers to make toll-free calls from anywhere, businesses are refer to them as global phone number. It means one number can be applied to multiple countries.

For example, if you get a Philippines Phone Number for your business operating in 5 other countries, then callers from any country can make toll-free calls to you without being bearing the hassle of country code dialing and high international call incurring charges.

Right now, this facility is available only in 40 countries. They also have a different type of dialing pattern.

Buying UIFN is a little different from the rest of the two types. Here is what you should do to buy it.

You must register your business in at least two countries.

You must be able to pay a significant yet one-time set-up fee, which varies from vendor to vendor.

You must be able to bear incurring the cost for each country. The more countries you will select, the higher will be incurring costs.

For which type of business they are the best fit?

Universal International Freephone Numbers are the best fit for the businesses that are already well-established (to incur high cost) and want to offer one single phone number for all your operative countries.

For example, your Singapore phone number can handle call traffic coming from the US, France, and other countries that support the UIFN system.

From where can you buy a toll-free number?

By offering one single number, the business can easily emit out universality and professionalism in its operations and help customers to contact you without being worried about anything.

An international and domestic toll-free number is available for purchase from any leading TSP (Telecom Service Provider) or cloud telephony service provider. UIFN is only available with the trusted name in the industry and demands extra hassles related to the purchase. However, while buying a toll-free number, you need to confirm that FCC recognizes your company.

FCC is the administering authority of a toll-free number that designed special laws related to a toll-free number. The agency from where you are buying a toll-free number must be able to stick by all the rules and implications related to toll-free numbers.

Toll-free numbers are indeed a blessing that every business needs to offer uninterrupted and unified communication to the customers. Find out what exactly is your requirement and get one for you today.