Web Design Mistakes to Avoid for Engaging Traffic that Comes to...

In this digital era, websites play a crucial role in running businesses seamlessly. A well-designed website intrinsically has the power to attract your precise target audience and boost conversions. Your website design is surely an integral factor in building your business’s overall marketing strategy. Your Instagram account would be driving a lot of traffic to your website. Instagram bio actually must include a valid link to your business’s website so that Instagrammers could click on the link and visit your official site and ultimately take the buying decision.

Instagram is a robust, vibrant, and versatile social media platform that is chiefly image-based. It relies on top-grade pictures to attract the attention of prospective clients. When Instagrammers are directed to your website, they come to your site with numerous expectations. Instagrammers are able to create the first impression about you or your business when they take a look at your bio or the Instagram profile.

If you showcase your products and services using high-resolution pictures, you would be gaining numerous followers for Instagram. When these followers click the link to visit your website, they would be having high expectations from your website. Hence, your marketing stratagy must include perfect web designing for boosting ROIs and enhancing overall customer engagement.

While planning to grab customer attention, it is critical to keep in mind that each interaction a potential customer has with your company or you, would be reflecting on your business as a whole. Your website obviously is no exception. It is certainly not just a place for listing services and providing contact details. Your website goes a long way in creating your brand image and impression about your business.

Your website would be helping visitors to know precisely about your operation style, ethos, and your overall brand aesthetic that are all significant while building engagement and interest. Hence, it is of utmost importance to avoid any kind of web design mistakes and ensure that your website design perfectly represents your business and brand. You need to maintain a seamless cohesion between what your client sees or expects and precisely what is ultimately delivered by your company.

Mistake: Focusing on Urgency Not on Knowing Your Target Audience

Instead of concentrating on quickly getting your website designed and developed, it is a good idea to do ample research about your target audience. Take your time to design your website as per the revelations and findings of your research. For instance, if your target audience is older, it could be a good idea to use larger font size to make the text more legible. If your product is meant for the younger demographic, you could make sure that your website is mobile-optimized and smartphone-friendly.

Mistake: Having a Too Flashy or Busy Web Design

Suppose you are having a web design and development business, you must come up with a website that is not too flashy. Your website design must not concentrate merely on attracting users but your design must bring the right users to the right place once they arrive at the homepage. Too flashy or cluttered websites would not look aesthetically pleasing on tablets or smartphones and other wireless devices.

Mistake: Using Auto play Video

As per forbes, auto-play video seems to be truly irritating and simply annoying. Video is an amazing and powerful tool. However, there is no need to force feed it. Your potential customers or visitors would simply find it extremely annoying when they are compelled to watch a video.

Mistake: Using Intrusive Pop-Ups

It could be helpful when there are pop-ups for letting visitors know that they could ask a question or talk to someone. However, when pop-ups keep appearing literally with every scroll and on every page, it could be highly frustrating for visitors.

Mistake: Incorporating Slow-Loading Large Pictures

When visitors are directed from Instagram, they come to your website with a lot of expectations. A slow-loading website is the last thing one would expect or appreciate. If you wish to retain your Instagram followers and convert potential customers, you must avoid incorporating large-file-size pictures or sliding photos. A slow-loading website may be responsible for visitors to bounce off.

Mistake: Using Aggressive Chatbot Messages

Chatbots seem to be having a host of applications. However, you must be cautious while using them. What you are assuming to be helpful in making your website look more personal, helpful, and intuitive may leave your prospective customers feeling over-pitched and unhappy particularly with painful robotic messages.


It is important to plan meticulously in order to come up with intuitive and highly responsive website designs. You must remember that intuitive and spontaneous web design is the hallmark of marketing success and brand promotion online. Instagrammers would become your loyal customers when you come up with a brilliant website that is sans all the above-discussed web design mistakes.