Want to Be a Good Investor? Here Are 5 Best Stock Scanners for You!
Want to Be a Good Investor? Here Are 5 Best Stock Scanners for You!


It is no longer sufficient to make money in today’s society. We all put in a lot of effort to make money, yet it may not be enough to achieve all of your financial objectives. To live a happy and comfortable life, you must generate finances from several revenue streams. It would be beneficial if you could figure out how to make your money work for you. Money left in your bank account will not grow. This is why it is critical to put your money to work. 

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What is exactly a stock screener, and how does it usually work?

A Stock Screener is a fantastic tool that assists investors and traders in identifying high-quality stocks from many options. A screener, in its real essence, eliminates stocks based on user-defined criteria. Most stock scanners provide ratings and data, which make it easier for investors to make decisions. Fundamental screeners, technical screeners, and screeners that combine the two are all available. 

The following are the fundamental components of an adequate stock screener. 

  • A screening tool that assists in the identification of businesses based on specific criteria. 
  • Companies’ database 
  • a set of guidelines 

For Indian investors, these are the top 5 stock screeners. 

Here are some of the most popular stock screeners among Indian investors. 

1) Screener.in

Screener.in is a free and user-friendly website for performing fundamental stock research. It can read, evaluate, and filter firms based on a few indicators. It has an extensive corporate database and can display business performance over the last 10-12 years. 

Best Features

  • This is a free, easy-to-use tool that includes a query builder. 
  • The results are presented on an annual and quarterly basis. 
  • List of a company’s advantages and disadvantages 

2) Capital Cube

Capital Cube is one of the most comprehensive stock screeners accessible. For over 40,000 worldwide stocks, Capital Cube offers business analysis, portfolio evaluation, fundamental research, and screening tools. 

The great thing about Capital Cube is that it allows users to search for and locate businesses using natural language search keywords. 

Best Features

  • An in-depth examination of businesses 
  • Natural search words can be used to conduct a search
  • A huge database that includes 40,000 worldwide stocks

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3) Investing.com

One of the greatest stock screeners accessible to Indian investors is Investing.com. It may be used to conduct both fundamental and technological research. Beginners and experts alike can utilize this platform. Here is a list of all the firms that trade on the NSE and BSE. 

Users of Investing.com have access to a wide range of filters, which can be helpful for stock screening. Ratios, dividends, fundamentals, price, and volume are some of the criteria available. 

Best Features

  • It may be utilized for both primary and technological research. 
  • It is entirely free to use
  • On the internet, you can also make your screen

4) MoneyWorks4Me

MoneyWorks4Me is a robust stock screener that provides detailed business research. Value indicators, stake and price pointer screeners, and competitor filters are all available as a subscription service. The following are the results, which are shown using color codes. 

Green means that the stocks are extremely excellent, yellow suggests that they are moderate, and red indicates that they are not worth your money. This platform gives consumers access to the company’s entire previous performance and all of its financial data. 

Best Features

  • It offers a for-hire decision-making tool. 
  • A ready-to-use study report is included, which may be used to assess the stock’s prospects. 
  • Portfolio managers and mutual fund analyses are also available. 

5) Ticker Tape

Ticker Tape is another easy-to-use stock screener that significantly streamlines the stock screening process. It is distinguished from the competitors because it has over 120 categories for filtering out stocks, including market capitalization, sector, close price, and so on. 

Best Features

  • There are over 120 criteria for weeding out stocks. 
  • The UI is simple to use. 
  • Results that are easily customized 

Summary: The Best Stock Screeners

These are a few of the most often used and effective stock screeners among Indian investors. Instead of these, there are a lot more stock research tools that investors may utilize. Google Finance, Edelweisses, Equity Master, and Chart Link Screener are a few of them. 

Investors can build a suitable investment plan using any of these screeners.

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