What to Expect From Pay per Click Services

If you are considering working with a PPC agency to help your business with its online presence, it is worth knowing what comprises your PPC campaign and what results to expect. One of the first things that will happen in the pay per click services you use is that the specialist will research your business. They need specific data to determine the kind of pay per click campaign will work for you. 

Website Audit

The PPC agency will examine your website as a first pass. While it is not necessarily a technical audit, they will look into some elements like your home page layout, product or service landing pages, usability, internal pages, speed, fitness for purpose, and structure (footers, headers, navigation, and menus). The PPC specialists need to do this to find out how much work they need to perform and if your site environment is ready for running campaigns. All this is to help increase your conversion rate as well. 

PPC Quotation

After understanding what your business needs, the PPC agency will conduct its own research to look at:

  • The prices of average click within your industry
  • Your competitors that are paying for clicks
  • The average conversion rates within your industry
  • How much money your competitors paying for their PPC campaigns

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Get Your PPC Campaign Under Way

The PPC agency will start working on your campaign in a few days or within a couple of weeks before the quotation process. But, it also depends on you how soon you need your pay per click services to start. The level of work complexity that your website needs is another factor for this, but expect your PPC campaign to be ready in 1-3 weeks. For example, they may need to create landing pages for your pay per click ads or make certain changes to your site. Several other factors can add time to your campaigns like creatives, which typically cover videos, audio, images, and sign-offs.

Every PPC campaign is unique and starts at different stages, so there is no exact time when you would begin making profits from pay per click. For example, you are already running campaigns on your website but need optimization, while another company has not set up any campaign at all. 

If your PPC campaign is recently established, you will likely not make much profit on day one. The PPC specialists working on your website will perform various refinements, adjustments, optimizations, etc., to build a great campaign. All these work require data, including:

  • The percentage of clicks over the number of impressions or CTR (click-through rate)
  • The quantity of impressions, which means the number of times your ad shows up
  • Quantity of clicks, which is the number of times a user clicked your ad
  • The percentage of conversions compared to the clicks; in other words, your conversion rate.

Considering these factors and data, your PPC campaign should continue for about three months. This will give the ppc agency toronto enough time to determine where optimizations are necessary or if pay per click is the best solution at all while accruing essential data at the same time. 

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Measure Progress

During these first weeks and months of providing pay per click services, the professionals will monitor your campaigns closely.  With pay per click, you can set a spending budget to avoid going beyond your budget. All the same, you want to avoid bidding on irrelevant keywords or go over-bidding. Your PPC experts will spot these keywords and remove them from your keyword-bidding campaign. 

The PPC agency you use also wants to record their work following your campaign’s three months to form a realistic benchmark. Also, they keep in touch regularly to give progress updates to your campaigns.

Make Profit with Your PPC Campaign

The purpose of setting up a PPC campaign is to drive additional traffic to your website and drive conversions. It means encouraging users to take desired actions. While the estimate is that you will make profits earlier than three months, know that certain issues will arise, and the PPC specialists will handle it so your campaign can perform well. As they keep you informed throughout your campaigns, you will also have direct access to them.

Getting pay per click services means getting your campaigns in profit. The PPC professionals will continue to offer advice such as increasing your bids, moving your budget between PPC campaigns, decreasing or increasing your budget, using fewer campaigns, etc. This is because they know that your competitors are there all the time, so you must take the best course of action to get ahead of the game. 

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