Facebook Marketing Strategy Tips for Starting a Print on Demand

There’s no question Facebook has a huge audience of people, rating as the most popular social media site of 2020 with 2.2 billion users and growing. Therefore creating an online business on this social media platform is very likely to be successful and profitable. 

One of the popular ideas of creating a business on Facebook is a print on demand online store that can be created on platforms like Printify.com – all you need is a facebook marketing strategy that will ensure you a good flow of new potential customers.

In this article, we will share some insightful tips on how to build your strategy and create a successful print on demand business on Facebook.

Choose Your Target Audience 

Before you start creating any content and reaching out to your potential customers on Facebook, first of all, you need to decide who your target audience is going to be. This step is very crucial because it will influence what kind of content you will be creating, what type of voice you will be using, what kind of pictures you should take, and most importantly – who are you going to be targeting via Facebook ads. Choose the audience by age, interests and even location – you need to decide if you will be shipping worldwide or locally. 

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Create Engaging and Organic Content

After you have chosen your audience, it is time to create some engaging content. By engaging, we mean interesting, appealing, and visual. Keep your Facebook posts short, and concentrate on the visual content. The optimal length of a Facebook post in 2020 is considered to be no more than 40 characters (characters, not words!). Put all your energy and time into creating inspiring, colorful photographs by making it look organic, natural, and social as possible. Also, don’t forget to add some video content – it is the most trending form of media at the moment. Forbes has a great article about how to get more views, engagement, and shares on your Facebook videos that might be very useful for you.

Be Consistent With Your Content

Dedicate to create posts and content regularly. The best strategy is to plan at least a week ahead of you. To help you out with that, you can use tools like Buffer to schedule your post’s via multiple social media platforms. When you see the posts that other Facebook stores make it might look very spontaneous and random, but don’t forget that you need to put in some work and consideration into the quality of a post. Another thing to remember about consistency is that you shouldn’t post too often. You might annoy those who like your page. How often you should post is very dependable on the type of product you choose, but it is recommended to post no more than 3 times per week. If you have more of what you want to show off, it’s best if you post it in your Facebook page’s stories.

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Create a Facebook Shop

Even if your business is a Facebook store, you need to add and create a Facebook Shop. You can do this by adding the Store option is your page settings. Here you can also add reviews and all kinds of other tabs that will be visible on the left side of your page. The Facebook Shop is an important option to have because it creates the same visual effect as any other website store. You can easily see many pictures of the products with prices that you cannot do while viewing the Facebook page’s timeline.

Business Information 

It is very important to remember to fill out your business information in the About field of your page. This is crucial to ensure the transparency of your online store with all the scam happening online. If you decide to open a company one day, make sure you place that information there. If not, at least fill out all the contact information, delivery information, and even the story behind your business. This will make your brand look more human. Also, another great option for transparency is to add yourself as a visually visible manager of the page. This way your clients can see that there’s an actual human being behind this business who is not just some random incognito hiding behind a fake name.

Add a Reviews Section to Your Facebook Page

Reviews are important for your online store for a few reasons. Firstly, it also adds up to the transparency of your page and business itself. It helps people believe than the business is real, it shows that some people have purchased your items, and makes your potential client sure of the fact that their money is safe. Secondly, it ensures the people who are interested in buying from you that your product is worth purchasing – in terms of quality, delivery, and how well do you respond and communicate with your clients. If you are not able to respond to requests promptly, adding a chatbot to your Facebook page could be an option. And lastly, you can even make additional sales from it. Simply offer an additional discount for those who take a picture and write a review. This way, you’ll have more reviews, increase your sales, and make your clients happy.