4 Types of Engaging Social Media Content You Can Try in 2020

How do you keep your customers hooked on your social media page? Rather, why should they pay attention to your promotional posts unless you offer something that provides value? Social media marketing has many aspects. One of them is to keep the audience engaged in your promotional post. Yes, uploading promotional videos and photos work, but your target audience would love it if you make them a part of your marketing campaign. Wondering how you can achieve that? Keep reading.

1) Quizzes

You will often come across quizzes on various social media platforms, asking about product-related questions. For example, a company selling cricket bats may ask about cricketing questions. You can follow this trend to promote your brand also. Make sure you don’t ask too many and too difficult questions. Your target audience should feel enthusiastic about taking part in the quiz. You can announce that participants who can answer all questions correctly will win a surprise gift. This will create a sense of competitiveness and enthusiasm among your target audience.

2) Polls or surveys

What should be your next social media marketing technique? Do you want to upload a video, start a quiz, post infographic photos, or something else? Let your target audience decide what they want to see. Create a poll with the possible options and allow them to participate in the poll.

For example, you can give options like unboxing video, infographic photo of the new product, and a live session with an influencer. But you will need an adequate number of followers to conduct such surveys. You can buy followers from Famoid and ask them to share the poll as much as possible with their friends and relatives.

Make sure you include an option for the audience to see the poll results. They would be happy to feel a part of your company’s decision-making process.

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3) Interactive infographics

Consider interactive infographics as a map. You can use various techniques to share a significant amount of data in these infographics. For example, embedded questions with pop-up answers, animated gifographics, or 3D images. The question is which of these options fits your product. Cars, for example, may go for 3D images highlighting the features and functions of different parts. Similarly, you can use a different technique that you think suits best for the products and services you sell.

Interactive infographics can also include questions and answers. But these do not necessarily quiz questions. Suppose your company sells shampoo. You can start an interactive infographic session asking the audience if they have hair fall or not. Make sure you have answers for both Yes and No. This will keep the audience engaged in the promotional post for a significant amount of time.

4) Live to stream

Live streaming allows your audience to be a part of your company activities. Many phone companies now live stream launch ceremonies of their latest smartphone models on various social media platforms. 

It is essential to make the customer feel involved in your promotional campaign. These four techniques will help you achieve that goal. The more the audience feels engaged, the more interested they will feel while waiting for your next marketing campaign.

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