Email Marketing Trends to Expect in 2020

When the first email was sent more than 5 decades ago, no one could have imagined how important they’d become. Not only are they a way to keep in touch, they’ve also become a very effective marketing channel.

There are more than 2.5 billion email users across the globe, which has made them an extremely effective way for businesses to interact with their existing and potential clients. They can be used to reach out to a target audience, send a brand message, connect with readers, gain customers, and provide customer support.

The average business user sends and receives more than 100 emails every day. With so much mail going back and forth, it’s easy for emails to get lost. If you want your email campaign to be successful, there are certain things you can do. Trends change, but for 2020, you need to be concentrating on the following.

Minimalist Design

It’s important for your email to stand out from the crowd. One way to do this is with minimalist email design. For the customer it appears more authentic and clear. It optimizes email load time and delivers a polished brand message. A plain text email also keeps the readers focus on the offer rather than bright and colourful images.

Make Your Automated Campaigns Personal

There’s no one size fits all approach to reaching your audience. A marketing campaign should have a focus on psychology, and an email can do this by putting the client first and thinking about their individual problems. Take into account the browsing behaviour of your customers and you’ll be able to send highly relevant emails and newsletters.

Mobile Optimization

More and more people use their mobile phones to open and read emails so it makes sense to optimize your email marketing campaign and newsletters for mobile devices. If the customer can’t read the email, it’s going to be buried in the inbox.

Integrate With Social Media

There are so many networks customers can join and the number of social media users is constantly growing. To make the most of your email marketing campaign, you have to integrate it with social media. People now use these networks to find new products and read customer reviews. Peer recommendations are also very important for the modern shopper. A good way to do this is to include a brand hashtag and social media buttons to your emails.

Include Visual Content

Make videos a part of your marketing strategy if you want business results. Motion graphics, in particular, are a great way to show off your products. Here are a few ideas you can include in your next campaign.

  • Product reviews
  • Product unboxing
  • New product launches
  • Tutorials
  • Niche trends and tips
  • Expert roundups

Confirmation Emails

One of the many email funnels that’s often overlooked is the confirmation email. They can increase open and click rates and increase sales from emails. The confirmation email is multi functional. Not only does it act as a receipt for an order, it’s also an important milestone in the customer journey. With the confirmation email, you can focus on retaining the customer.

Omnichannel Marketing

Omnichannel marketing put the customer at the centre of the marketing strategy. Email funnels and other aspects of the strategy interact with each other and adapt their message accordingly. With omni channel marketing, as the customer moves through their journey, the channels automatically update and offer the most relevant message for the customer.


If you want to be able to reach the right people with the right message at the right moment, email automation, for example mailchimp, cuts down on the amount of work you have to do yourself. Email marketing platforms such as mailchimp allow you to target people based on preferences, behaviours, and previous sales.


If you want to make the most of your email campaigns, you have to be able to assess their return on investment. This is where analytics plays a vital role. You have to be able to monitor your campaigns on a regular basis and using analytics information helps you improve them.