The Importance of Speech-To-Text Transcription

Speech-to-text transformation is becoming more popular with every passing day. If your organization has a bunch of audio files in store, perhaps it is time to consider converting them to text. If you’re still wondering how transcription services will benefit your business, this article will expound just that.

Benefits of Speech-To-Text Transcription

Speech-to-text transcription involves converting voice recordings into written text. If your organization has yet to jump onto the transcription bandwagon, you’re missing out on a host of benefits this service brings to your business. Below are some of them.

Increased Accessibility to Information

How can you ensure that more people have access to your content? The answer is to present it in different formats so that each party can choose how to interact with the information.

Audio and video files are always larger than their transcribed equivalents. A 5GB video, for instance, becomes just a few kilobytes when translated into text, making it easier to access and store. Consider those with hearing impairments as well; by availing written files, you can ensure they do not miss out on anything.

Improved Engagement in Meetings

You may have noticed that when a speaker is presenting in a meeting, people have their eyes on their laptops and notepads, trying to scribble the keynotes of the speech. This is hardly productive since the moment they take their attention off the speech to write down the previous point, they miss out on more content. If people know that transcriptions of the meetings will be available afterward, they can listen without interruptions and engage fully in the meeting.

There are also speakers with different accents and pronunciations, which listeners may not be conversant with. Not to worry, though; with the speeches translated into text, you can be sure that no one will miss any part of the conversation.

Backups for Important Documents

How safe are the audio and video files stored in your computers? Technology now allows us to store large batches of information on hard disks and even on the cloud. However, it is not unheard of for such systems to crash and lose their files. Softcopy information can also be hacked, tampered with, and even deleted.

Transcribing allows you to have a backup for those important documents that your organization cannot afford to lose. You can print them out and have these hard copies as a backup in case anything happens to your computers.

Reorganization of Information

Once you have information in written form, you can make some changes to make it more palatable. You can remove the fluff, repetition, or mistakes or rewrite it to make it more relatable to the target audience.

Here, you can factor in search engine optimization as well. SEO involves using targeted keywords to make the content easy to find on search engines. A high ranking on Google means that your site will appear among the first when people search for a relative topic. The traffic directed to your site translates into more potential clients, thus higher sales.

Written content gives you more options, so you can make maximum use of the information at your disposal.

Expert Transcription Services Available

If you were still sitting on the fence regarding the importance of speech-to-text transcription for your company, we hope you’re convinced this service will improve your business interactions in many ways.

You may have come across transcription software and perhaps have considered using it. Having listed the benefits of transcription, we may as well complete the picture by pointing you to human transcription services instead of machine-generated ones. The key is getting the highest quality transcription and the best value for your money.

A company like provides industry-specific transcribers. Whether you’re in the legal, medical, construction, entertainment, or finance field, GoTranscript will supply you with transcribers who are well versed in the particular industry so that every resulting text will be as accurate as possible.

You may have attempted to carry out the transcription at the company level and quickly realized that converting audio into text is not as easy as it sounds. Save yourself the trouble by handing the work over to the experts who will carry it out in record time, and watch your company experience the above-listed benefits and more.