4 Types of Engaging Social Media Content You Can Try in 2020

If you want to succeed in your business irrespective of its nature and size there is no way to deny that you should involve social media in your various marketing and promotional efforts. Whether it is food or fashion garments, an online grocery store or any other service related business, the role and potential of social media cannot be overlooked or ignored at any cost or time. 

  • In the current business scenario, you will notice that most of the times people prefer digital communication instead of the old school face to face conversation. 
  • It is social media that will enable you to interact with them digitally, successfully and most effectively. 
  • Social media, in fact, is one of the best and most versatile platforms to announce and let everyone in the circuit know that you have arrived!

The services market, whether it is food or any other, in the country is estimated to grow at a rapid pace and to an exorbitant figure by 2021. 

  • Among all types of industry, the market is expected to be highest in the metros and the urban areas in the country. 
  • This is even facilitated by the rise in the number of startups that are coming up in tens of thousands with each passing day.

With such an extensive, crowded and competitive marketplace, it will be the most unwise decision on your part if you overlook the potential of social media and not use it for your business marketing and product promotion purpose. Rest assured that you will be left with a considerable chunk of the traffic and in turn your potential customers lost.

The Power And Potential Of Social Media 

There are many different market surveys conducted over the years that simply indicate that: 

  • The denizens of the city and their frequency of using social media platform of some kind of the other is 4.2 times per month and 
  • Taking this figure at a global scale it comes to an alarmingly high rate of more than 85 per cent.

This shows why businesses, fashion food or any other rely so heavily on the social media platforms and take up social media marketing strategy.

Such rise in demand for social media marketing has also provided a great opportunity and platform for different social media marketing agencies and others to show their skill and art in helping business to make the most of these uniquely useful platforms.  

Therefore, in short it can be said that social media has proved to be beneficial for all sectors, aspects and areas of modern business landscape, or digital landscape to be more precise. 

Success And Failure

Proper and strategic use of social media will determine the success of any business and in fact will raise the level of it as well. There is a wide variety of reason behind this but when you consider highly competitive market of today it is imperative that your business success will largely depend on how may eyeballs you are being able to attract towards your brand and visits to your business site.

The success largely depends on the number of footfalls to your site as compared to that of your competitors. It is required to differentiate your brand and business from the rest of the players in the marketplace and make the people aware of your existence in the most comprehensive and effective way.

On the other hand, it is also required with reference to the current scenario that you understand the preference of the millennial to digital communication as compared to the old fashioned face to face interaction.

In such situations, social media is the only platform that will play the key role to allow everyone to know about you and stay in the headlines. In fact, in today’s world of business there is no place for the old school word of mouth marketing as it has lost its voice long time back.

Therefore, without any doubt or second thought, it can be said that it is high time that you incorporate social media in your marketing efforts if you really want to make:

  • A better impact with your brand in the market
  • Create a long lasting impression in the minds of the users
  • Increase your number of organic traffic towards your site
  • Boost your social media standing 
  • Make your business and brand stand apart from your competitors and 
  • Enhance your influence on existing as well as the potential guests.

In fact, in today’s business landscape the impact of social media is so immense that even the experts believe that by simply monitoring the tweets and tags can provide unthinkable results when it comes to interacting with the consumers quickly and most effectively. 

Look At The Projection

If you look at the changes in the marketing concept as well as the process you will see that the live video content still creates a considerable buzz even though it is being used since 2017. This is due to the ephemeral content that you can post in different social media channels such as:

  • Instagram
  • Facebook and 
  • Snapchat stories.

Though these may be short lived lasting for only 24 hours at the most, the type of impact it can create in the minds of the users cannot be overlooked but appreciated. It is all due to the large number of followers that these social media sites usually have that makes the situations far more likely that they will add your content posted on these specific social media platforms to their personal profiles and that too on a daily basis. 

This enhances your chances to reach out to more and more of your targeted audience and beyond. It eventually raises your chances of conversion into prospective clients, more sales and in turn more business growth.

Lastly, the opportunity that these specific social media sites give you to repost your or the user generated content ensures a huge draw. This is because all these videos and UGCs tell a specific story about who you are, what you do and what you have on offer for your customers.