I need to write my homework. But does that all help me understand something? Using the Internet as a source of information has brought new challenges to learning something. In such situations, reading can be replaced by copying data from a web page to the clipboard and writing by pasting the data into your document. In this case, students will not be fully processed in information processing, and work will not lead to the realization of the meaning of new concepts and incorporate them into the student’s prior knowledge structure.

I need help on writing an essay. Learning, therefore, requires the processing of available information, for example, by reading and writing. Other useful information processing tools include technology map concepts and data structuring. When information is processed, the skills and thoughts needed to process information are learned. When information is processed in small groups, cooperation, and communication skills are also discovered. Such skills are required in professional work assignments.

 Students can be supported and inspired to read and write using information and communication technology. The Internet allows students to find meaningful information. Information sources can be in the form of e-books, hypertext, and hypermedia in CD-ROM format, or web-based hypermedia documents that are distributed (e.g., WWW Pages). At the same time, when students search for information from various sources of information, they must actively build a flood of information that will come into meaningful entities so that they can, for example, write the report on the subject. When students themselves search for information from different sources, they must also consider the accuracy of the information they obtain and the accuracy of the sources they use.

 Reading and writing as a process towards learning. Teaching materials provide examples of how science teachers can guide students to read and write so that they lead to learning. Reading and writing are closely related to education and thinking. Therefore, the review begins with a summary of thinking and metacognitive skills.

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 Meaningful learning

 Learning is not about transferring information from books or other sources of information to student memory; it is the learner’s process of building knowledge or building knowledge and requires active goal-oriented learning activities and seeking feedback. In meaningful learning, students form meaningful and useful information structures about the subject being studied. Meaningful learning characteristics include activity, intentionality, contextuality, constructivity, communality, interactivity, reflection, and transferability of learning to new situations. These qualities are the selection criteria for selecting reading and writing activities.

 Activities and intentionality mean that students are responsible for their learning, set learning objectives and proceed systematically to achieve them. For example, a computer calendar program can support study planning. Self-assessment or writing a learning diary together with study assignments, also support activities.

 Reflectivity means that students explore their learning and develop their metacognitive skills to guide and organize their knowledge. Various self-assessment exercises, tests, multiple-choice questions, and answer models can support the development of reflection.

 Collaboration and interactivity mean that students actively participate in their group activities and mutually support learning through discussion and knowledge sharing. Interactivity is sponsored by, for example, online reviews and reading and giving feedback to others.

 Constructivity and contextuality mean that students combine their previous knowledge and new subjects they learn to form large information structures, and learning takes place in real-life environments. 

In studying and learning, conscious control over one’s activities is essential. Metacognition refers to the individual’s awareness of the strategies, procedures, and thinking that he or she uses as they study (for example, reading, writing, listening, and speaking). Metacognitive processes are believed to be the basis for an individual’s ability to regulate and direct their respective levels of learning and understanding. Thus, it is not enough for a pupil to have a variety of different strategies, but also to be able to plan, evaluate, and apply their strategies. 

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