Is your Wi-Fi enabled camera safe and secure

In this technological world, most of the people have got CCTV cameras installed in their homes. Home surveillance has become a trend as it helps in monitoring your baby, pets and secures your family. There are numerous benefits of a Wi-Fi security camera but it also has some downturns. Before you plan to get a CCTV Wi-Fi enabled camera, you need to check some factors of it. The cameras which come with high-resolution WiFi can allow you to capture photos and make videos on your smartphone. Do you know this WiFi can be a security issue? There are some hackers who use their technical knowledge to find images and videos from your camera. They have also started working as a Spy when it comes to keeping an eye on someone. 

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Why should you worry about home security?

When Wi-Fi CCTV cameras are only made for home security, it is obvious that you won’t feel that it might become the opposite of security someday. When the security of your camera will be compromised, then cybercriminals can easily invade your home privacy. It can be your relative or the known person who might want to enter your family affairs. The camera stays connected with router and hackers can easily get access to your camera if they have got access to your entire network. They can also turn off the firewall of your computer and can send your home surveillance videos on phishing sites. Isn’t that scary? Of course! Yes, you should be worried about your family’s security even after the installation of security cameras. 

Whether you are installation baby monitors or you are going to install normal surveillance cameras at your home, it is important that you learn to protect it from any security issues. Even if you don’t have much knowledge about security and safety, it is crucial that you prevent yourself from facing any issues regarding Wi-Fi security. You don’t need to be an expert at these things but you just need to have some basic knowledge. Here are some ways with which you can protect your Wi-Fi camera from ruining your privacy. 

Make your Wi-Fi network safe

If you don’t want the hackers to control your cameras, then you should protect your Wi-Fi in order to do that. It is quite important that you use a strong password and it should have WPA2 encrypted security. You should learn to secure your router or you can also take the help of the technicians who can let you know about some tricks to keep your home privacy secure. 

Never use default username & password

If you have recently installed security cameras at your home, then make sure that you don’t use the default username with the password on your Camera Wi-Fi. It is an easy way to give a chance to the hackers to get into your home security. Instantly, you should change the username and password if you haven’t’ did this work earlier. It can enable you to prevent your security to get on stake. You can keep changing the passwords from time to time to avoid the hackers to know about it. Make sure that you put strong passwords with different characters and numbers. 

Do research on security measures

There are numerous security measures available to keep your Wi-Fi camera secure and you can use those measures to prevent hackers to get information about your family matters. There isn’t a single way to know all about your home and still not giving out information to hackers. When anything is attached to Wi-Fi, it is automatically on a security stake. That’s why you should look forward to finding a way with which it can be easier for you to keep your privacy secure. There are some applications that can help you to keep your passwords safe. 

Use security apps If you can’t take care of the passwords and security of Camera, then it would be best to remove it from your home. You install a camera to take care of your family members and you might also be interested in keeping an eye on them. Instead of having installed a camera, you can use security apps to know about your loved ones. At least, the hackers won’t be finding anything about you and your family’s life. In case, you are worried about your wife cheating on you, then you should take the help of mspylite with which it can be easier for you to keep an eye on her. Getting a Wi-Fi enabled camera might not be an easy task for everyone and it can also make her doubtful about you. Instead of letting the world know about your family matters, it can be better to have an app that can let you know about the secrets of your spouse.

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