Tech Tools to Make Life Easier

There are some fantastic tools available online that can make everyday tasks more efficient, easy to manage and a lot more enjoyable. Together, they make for some great life hacks and can help you improve everything from speeding up your productivity at work, to making sure that you waste less time procrastinating. Here are just a few essential tech tools that are available online to keep in your tool kit.

Wi-Fi Speed Trackers

If you’ve found yourself struggling with Wi-Fi speeds in your office or home and wondered why you’re not getting the kind of speeds promised by your internet provider, keeping an eye on the factors that can impact your connection can be a highly useful tool to have. There are a number of reasons why Wi-Fi speeds can be affected, from the condition of your router to the impact of other Wi-Fi signals around your area. A Wi-Fi speed tracker can help you to identify potential areas of hold up, and you can often find these online and download them as apps for your phone or tablet. By scanning potential frequencies and providing recommendations, speed trackers can help you enjoy faster online access, without any additional hassle.

Image Searching Tools

When you’re trying to find information online, it’s essential to have the right kind of search tools at your fingertips. With so much clutter to filter through, the last thing anyone wants is to spend unnecessary time scrolling through endless pages to get to the right place. A more effective way of searching for information, especially if you have an image related to the subject at hand, is by reversing the search using the image instead of words. Oberlo is an effective and easy to use tool to reverse image search that lets you upload an image directly, or place the URL of an image, and will help you get the right results far more easily.

Website Blockers

On the face of it, you may not think that a website blocker can be a helpful tool; after all, most online users want faster and easier access to more sites, not fewer.  However, plenty of people are prone to spending far too much time procrastinating and browsing online, with easy access to social media, online shopping, news and entertainment sites. This leads to them avoiding the tasks that they need to get on with and wasting a surprising amount of time. 

Tools designed to limit the time spent on particular sites are an effective way to curb the habit, by allowing you to choose which sites you’d like to limit your time on. Rather than blocking them entirely, it’s more practical to set a realistic time limit at set periods. This will prevent you from squandering long hours on social media or shopping sites, and help you regain your focus for work or study.

By using tech tools effectively and at the right time and place, they can be a simple and useful way of making life much easier.