How You Can Use AI To Improve Your Email Marketing and Lead Qualification Process

The advancement and widespread adoption of AI technology has allowed both large and small companies to offload repetitive, time-consuming tasks, which gives employees more time and energy to focus on more important responsibilities. Organizations have seen unprecedented opportunities to grow and scale thanks to the transformative power of AI. With tools like Exceed at the helm, marketing and sales teams are supercharged to qualify more leads faster.

Though many business leaders understand the importance of AI, only a few of them understand what AI technology tools are out in the market and how they can provide value to their organizations. According to a recent survey from the Marketing Artificial Intelligence Institute, 50% of business leaders admitted to only having a basic understanding of AI and its capabilities.

Understanding what AI can do for your company and implementing the right tools will allow you to scale your outreach, improve your lead qualification process, and outsource your repetitive and mundane tasks. In this article, we will focus specifically on how AI can help improve and optimize your email marketing campaigns to meet your business goals and increase conversion rates. 

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Knowing Your Customer Through Personalization

One of the most difficult challenges any marketing or sales team will face is the lead qualification process. Every lead will be different in their needs, so there is no cookie cutter approach to converting all of them into paying customers. What they all have in common, however, is the desire for personalization. Customers now expect emails to be tailored for their personal needs, and will most likely ignore blast emails that treat them as just another customer. 

Knowing this, sales and marketing reps know that the cardinal sin of today’s world is to ignore personalization and try the same approach with every lead. It is crucial to personalize the messaging so that every lead feels heard and understood.

However, there is only so much time in the day for businesses to create individualized emails for leads who may not even buy your products or services. Executing this at scale was near impossible and is something that many organizations struggle with. However, AI technology allows you to offload these time consuming but important tasks. Chatbots and Emailbots take over the role of initial communication and are able to check in with unresponsive emails, schedule appointments with sales reps, and answer general questions to satisfy leads’ curiosities.

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Increase Open Rate, Response Rate & Conversion Of Emails

One of the biggest obstacles any marketing and sales leader needs to overcome is capturing the initial attention of leads. Thousands of companies fight for their attention, and it generally comes down to one thing: the email subject line. 

According to this email marketing study, 47% of email recipients opened emails based solely on the subject line, and 69% of email recipients reported emails as spam based on the subject line. With leads making quick judgments, subject lines are becoming more important than ever in getting a foot in the door. 

With AI, sales and marketing teams don’t have to stress over time consuming problems such as deciding which line of text would be the most effective in enticing leads. With tools like “Suggestive AI”, which is used to create initial outbound emails, sales and marketing teams are provided with data backed recommendations that indicate which variables have been most effective in receiving opens and responses. With this AI assistant, businesses can execute on business decisions and gain leads more quickly, which may lead to more conversions and revenue. 

Find and Implement The Right Tools For Your Business

If your business is looking to scale on your outreach, nurture leads and current clients, and improve your lead qualification process, Exceed can provide you with AI tools that can help you achieve your goals.

Businesses are expected to understand new tools and implement them quickly in order to stay afloat in today’s competitive environment. Harnessing the power of AI technology will allow your business to stay ahead of the competition by allowing you to personalize at scale, communicate effectively with leads and identify potential customers, and increase success rates of email marketing campaigns.

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