Everything points to Google being especially strict with those applications that ask for permissions for everything on Android, even if these are folded to their requests. It’s what apparently has happened to Titanium Backup, suddenly removed from Google Play .

Not even their own creators explain it to them, and as they confess in a tweet , it is true that they had problems with permissions to read calls and SMS in Android, but they already solved it. Despite this, Google has decided to delete Titanium Backup from Google Play today .

This application to make backups has lost many users in recent years, although it still maintains a more or less broad base of the faithful. Its decline has been marked by the rooting process of Android phones, increasingly dispensable now that the manufacturer customization layers have taken a great leap forward.

The decision of Google is framed within a much stricter policy with Android applications, at least those that are distributed through the official store of the operating system. The company wants to prevent its own store from being a nest of malware, phishing and apps that collect data from users as the main activity.

Therefore, in addition to harden the operation of Play Protect , try to prevent third-party applications collect unnecessary data , such as calls or SMS from users. There are few that continue to fill Google Play with malware, although it is true that they are becoming less.

Now Titanium Backup is not available on Google Play , and that is a hard blow for its developers. It is always necessary to move to the almost clandestine of the APK , the installation file par excellence in Google.

It is true that you can still download Titanium Backup in APK format and install it on your Android phone, although since Google does not trust this app, we recommend not doing it either, at least for now and until it is clear why they have decided to expel it from. Google Play

The ideal is to stick to the apps that are in the official store of applications, although that will not rid you of dangers, but it will mitigate the threat enough. If you are going to install external applications, it is important to do it only from trusted developers and websites, such as the Fortnite app that is on the Epic Games website.