Windows 10 came with quite controversy for the different functions that collected user data. With the passage of time, Microsoft has been giving control to users so that they are the ones who decide what is shared or not shared. On the other hand, programs and tools have been appearing to customize and disable Windows 10 functions, some of them capable of completely changing the appearance of the Redmond-based company’s operating system. Now one of those tools faces a complaint of copyright infringement.

Block the installation of programs in Windows 10 , disable telemetry, change the appearance of disk drives, change the mouse cursor in Windows 10 … there are many things we can do on the system itself, but also using third-party tools that allows us to customize and disable Windows 10 functions . However, many of them may have problems in the future.

Microsoft vs. Ninjutsu OS

Modifying Windows is not something new or exclusive to its latest version, nor to this operating system. Since the beginning of time, users have opted to modify or disable functions to personalize the experience, be it Windows, Linux or any other operating system. Many of these changes are achieved using third-party tools and today it is time to talk about the case of Ninjutsu OS .

Launched on May 7, this tool allows you to completely transform Windows 10, adding a lot of functions (800 tools) and eliminating functions that users do not want or are not really necessary. Until last June 6, it was hosted on Github without problems, but now it has been withdrawn due to a copyright infringement lawsuit.

The lawsuit explains that disabling Windows 10 features is a breach of the license , and therefore illegal. Among the things that we could not do about the operating system and always on demand, we find:

  • Customize Windows 10 with tools and optimize it.
  • Protect our privacy by modifying and customizing Windows 10.
  • Disable many of the annoying features built into Windows.
  • Remove unwanted Windows components
  • Delete / disable many Windows programs and services.

The problem with this lawsuit against Ninjutsu OS is that it could be applied to many other applications that have been available since the launch of Windows 10 to modify the system or disable functions (such as telemetry). In this case, we are talking about Win10-Initial-Setup-Script and O&O ShutUp10 .

Will the tools for customization and modification of system functions be Microsoft’s next big goal?