5 Best Ways to Monetize Blog

It takes a great deal of time to monetize your business, whether you run a personal hobby blog or manage an official website blog.

While there is no definitive method to start making money, you can begin playing with some tried-and-tested methods to see how the material, business model and market can work best.

Below, we should delve into every one of these suggestions for the monetization of the blog.

  • Lead Funnel

Whether you work for a Business to the business firm or deal in personal sales, typically the first and most key way through client approach is the blog post. However, it is also the most important phase of the inbound funnel. 

Creating helpful, informative or exciting content to draw the audience’s interest and build greater networking with customers. In other words, the blog marks the beginning of your customer relationship.

Ideally, you need to create compelling blog material for your audience that can easily be found by searching Google. You can also pay for allocation on Facebook, which is cost-effective and has the best targeting resources from every social media site. You can also use tools for SEO experts which will help you a lot. Also via paid search, which can lead to a high volume Google SERP, could level up your blog.

When people begin reading the material of your blog, they will sign up for the email newsletter to your blog and may continue to read it consistently. They are now frequent visitors, once strangers to your brand.

You will inspire these surfers to download eBooks, software, and computers that give your blog leads while they read plenty of blog posts. They can be added to blog posts, sent via Facebook ads to your subscribers via cookie tracking.

With more blog posts and lead generators by e-mail or Facebook ads, you can then cultivate potential leads. Training them and replying to their queries regularly build their confidence, and make it more likely that they’re about to step into the middle of the funnel. And once you see your products or services checked by reviewing case studies, requesting a presentation or trying to contact customers, you can send them to the bottom of the funnel to inform sales to their consumer health.

Sales will close some of these client leads and they will thank you for doing so. Because of your blog, they are introduced to their clients.

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Sponsoring Other Brands

Publishers such as BuzzFeed and The Dodo create news that almost every day inundates social media. And by encouraging other brands to do it, they make money.

Brands must collaborate with their production files, social media, and strategic teams to create posts and videos focused on viral formats. This funded material is further circulated by the advertisers through their mass media and follow-up on websites. 

The content is similar to the native content of publishers and is consumed by their audience, introducing their consumers to a large, committed and fresh publicity, and improving follow-up and interaction with the audience.

If your blog attracts significant traffic, you can use your journalistic experience and expand your niche to help smaller companies share bigger and better audiences and captivating them through stories. 

The best content funded by the company can be very rewarding. It not only generates another income stream, but it can also help the company unleash incredible innovation by collaborating with other marketing experts.

Coaching Programs

Your blog posts could be a trailer of how many your followers can know about a particular topic. Since your blog posts can teach your followers so much if you write about developing those things, such as trading, social knowledge, athletics, kitchen, and music. Such techniques have to be learned in real life to change considerably.

Your readers can do that much better if they learn these things on their own. Training with a coach will take you more easily than anything else if you want to improve. Write attractive questions to engage the audience. 

Like, what would your baseball skills boost the most? Reach out John Erick’s football book and learn his tips to combat. Learn all new dancing tricks by André Ross to enhance your prom experience.

Your blog is your biggest marketing tool as a mentor. It makes potential customers grow by reminding them what life would look like if one of their long-term goals was achieved. Your blog encourages people to fulfill their dreams. And if they will be more inspired to achieve goals, they generally want a professional to help achieve grandeur not all by them.

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Membership Offers

If you have dedicated followers, try online membership plans for them. Memberships that are purchased by subscribers per month can be a significant source of revenue income rather than a single transaction such as a course or coaching program.

Members expect something in return in exchange for their monthly payment. After subscribing membership, you should hold some specialized content for them exclusively.

Another choice is to offer special discounts or early access to new material for the participants on products and courses. An active community forum can also encourage people to sign up for the registration field.

Some blogs decide to make a direct appeal, which allows people to join in promoting high-quality website content.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the simplest ways to pay for a blog when there is no product or service. It’s a very simple process, too. You can collaborate with a website or with organizations with research services to find products that are appropriate for your blog promotion. 

Your partners will then provide you with individual links to their product pages to monitor the customers of your site. And you’re going to earn a commission if customers click the link and buy the product.

Amazon Associates is one of the most successful business affiliations programs. Over one million eCommerce items from Amazon are available for advertising on your blog, and up to 10 percent of the commission can be earned.

In all ways that you can monetize your blog, affiliate marketing takes the least time, money and resources. You don’t have to construct, market, or offer a product or service so it doesn’t cost much time to incorporate affiliates into your blog posts. Just wait until people “click” them to order stuff. 


Regardless of whether you’re an experienced blogger or a new one, don’t listen to the deniers. There are many ways of monetizing your blog irrespective of how many subscriptions you have.

Plan monetizing your blog in the same manner you post material, it should always be your primary concern to add value and support followers.

Every approach has its particular effects, but you will find the best way to monetize your blog in 2020 with sincere efforts.

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