5 Best Online Courses to Learn Mobile App Development

There are several best online courses to learn mobile app development. According to recent data, the global mobile application market is projected to exceed $405 billion by 2026. Notably, the market is expected to grow by over 18% each year. With such high demand, many tech enthusiasts are looking to break into the coding industry. As a mobile app developer getting started, you need to know the best online courses to learn programming. This way, you can start building your career path for a secure, long-term job. Of course, the right instructional resources are key to turn your innovative software ideas into solutions people can use. Read on to discover the best online courses to learn mobile app development.

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Java Programming Fundamentals 

First, Java programming fundamentals is one of the best online courses to learn mobile app development. Typically, these introductory classes teach entry-level coding skills in the Java language. For example, you may learn basic components of object-oriented programming (OOP) such as classes, interfaces, and inheritance. Additionally, many foundational Java classes teach students how to develop programs with conditional statements and loops. This way, you can write, compile, and run your own applications. To teach these skills effectively, Java instructors often use coding examples and case studies. Depending on your course provider, you can also collaborate with peers and get immediate feedback on your work. Learning these fundamentals, you can choose the right mobile app development technology stack

DevOps Skills Courses 

Next, DevOps skills classes are another one of the best courses to learn mobile app development online. With these resources, you can learn to set up CI/CD architecture in your pipeline. Then, you can automate building, testing, and deployment procedures in your SDLC. For example, JFrog Academy offers free DevOps online courses that teach developers how to accelerate their deployment times. Once you enroll, you can learn to use advanced automation tools such as JFrog’s Artifactory container registry. Plus, some courses also go over how to manage your Conan packages and repositories. This is great for beginning engineers to build CI pipelines in C/C++. Of course, they can also get more familiar with Conan tools as well. 

Android Developer Training 

In addition, Android developer training is another one of the most popular online mobile app development courses. Notably, many of these classes focus on one particular programming language. This way, developers can specialize and learn to build more advanced applications. For example, you can take interactive Kotlin developer courses to learn how to use classes, objects, and conditionals. Once you have these basics down, you can learn to improve user interface layouts and design. Additionally, some Kotlin course pathways offer entry-level certification programs. According to recent data, over 80% of certification graduates say these courses impact their career. Indeed, the programmers often secure a new job from the certification credential and their new skills. 

iOS App Development Specialization 

Moreover, you can also take an iOS app development specialization course to learn mobile app development. Like Android developer training, iOS specializations usually focuses on one specific programming language as well. For example, many platforms offer introductory courses on Swift programming. With these courses, you can learn to use iOS integrated development environments (IDEs). Guided by the top practices, you can learn proper coding syntax, memory management, and object-oriented principles in Swift. In addition, some courses teach you how to integrate camera features and location information into your app as well. This is great if you want to build an app for iPhone, iPod, or iPad with more modern features. 

Flutter & Dart Courses 

Furthermore, you can also take Flutter and Dart courses to learn mobile app development. Notably, Flutter is an open-source software development kit (SDK) you can use to build cross-platform applications. This is great if you’re looking to build native applications for Android, iOS, or Linux systems. Since the Dart programming language is compatible with iOS and Android, you can build these apps from one single codebase. Typically, Flutter and Dart courses offer a comprehensive introduction to key cross-platform tools. Additionally, many classes go over how to debug your application as well. Plus, you can learn to add native device features, such as camera and image upload capabilities. 

There are several best online courses to learn mobile app development. First, a Java programming fundamentals course is great to learn basic coding skills. Next, enroll in a DevOps online course to learn key automation tools. In addition, you can take an Android developer training course to learn Kotlin programming. Moreover, take an iOS app development specialization to build native apps for iPhone. Furthermore, Flutter and Dart courses are perfect to learn cross-platform app development. Enroll in these best online courses to learn mobile app development.

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