The 5 Best Apps to Take Notes With Your Mobile

With many apps available on the market, which ones do you think are the best apps to take notes with your mobile phone? If you’re still using a PC to take notes and you only occasionally use a cell phone for everything else, it may be difficult to identify which of the apps is best. The majority of people tend to use one or two apps that they feel are effective and then stick with them. It’s this second option that could make the best apps to take notes with your mobile phone. So, how can you decide which one should you download?

I’ll begin by describing each of the apps. Let’s assume you’re interested in taking an audio note. Some of the apps include: Notes, Sound Forge, Recordfm, and Pro Recording. The first three fall within the range of the best apps to take notes with your mobile phone. They all have a basic function of digitizing the audio.

Depending on the version of the software, some of these apps will also digitize your handwritten notes. If you’d like, some can also record voice notes as well. These all fall within the category of ‘notion apps.’ If you’re not going to be writing much but sending text messages and receiving phone calls, it might make sense to focus on a particular type of note taking app, rather than on several broad categories.

If you’re mainly interested in saving text messages for later or sharing with others, you’ll likely want to download a ‘notification’ type of app. A few examples include: Wedding Planner, Family Time, and Get Reminders. All of these provide you with a simple and effective means of keeping in touch with family and other contacts. Each one has a slightly different approach to the note-taking experience, so depending on how many people you need to communicate with or how often you want to circulate your notes, you’ll likely have to spend some time deciding which one is best for you.

One way to narrow your search is to look at the list of top apps for various functions. If you’re interested in taking virtual tours, consider checking out Google Maps for iPhone, which offers turn-by-turn navigation, just like you’d get with an actual map. Other great examples are: Foursquare (a social networking app), Buffer (for LinkedIn), and Hootsuite (which allow you to easily share links and information). All of these have varying levels of support and they can work great for both iPhone and Android users, so whichever one you’re most interested in, it should be among the best apps to take with your phone.

If you’re more of a writer/author, consider reading books and articles in PDF format. There are a number of different programs for doing this, but one that stands out is PDF Master. This is free software that converts your article or book into PDF format, which is easily converted into other formats (such as Microsoft Word, Excel, etc.). This is one of the best apps to take with your phone because it allows you to circulate your work around as often as you’d like. It also comes with a number of other features, including a search function, a bookmarking feature, and a report generation function to track the number of people who read your work. It’s completely free, so you won’t even have to spend a single cent to get started.

If you’re into taking pictures, consider taking pictures with a tablet of your own. One of the best apps to take notes with your mobile phone is Picasa. This allows you to view and edit your images on your phone, even if they’re on your computer. You can share your images through e-mail, IM, and text message, and even use the device to take notes as you’re traveling. Best of all, it’s completely free!

What’s best about this type of app is that it works great when you’re traveling. Just open up the app, snap photos of where you’re going, and sync them to your device. This will save you time when you know you’ll be away from your laptop or phone. These are some of the best apps to take notes with your mobile phone, because they allow you to do more than just write down notes. Once you start using them, you might never stop.