Staking vs. Lending Crypto: Which is Best for You?

Creativity is a leading factor behind the success of investors within the cryptocurrency market. Crypto is so new that how we make money from it is still being defined and discovered. Some of it is chance. You can simply buy a coin of your choosing and hold it. Others get in and out of crypto prices just to skim earnings off the constant transactions of the financial markets. If you’re also looking for a way to make passive income from crypto, then start with a renewed look at staking and lending. 

Like every enterprise, trading platforms need funding. Your money, be it through staking or lending, enables blockchains to operate, develop and expand. You can learn more about lent or staked assets below: 

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What is Staking?

Cryptocurrencies invested into the infrastructure of a trading platform are used as stake investments. The experts of SoFi recommend staking only when you see growth potential for the developer you invest in. Essentially, a stake you make is one made into the processes of a crypto exchange. The funds they need to complete transactions with is what they’ll receive from you. In giving exchanges the funding they need via staking, you, as the investor, are rewarded with coins and long-term incentives. 

Staking is how you “get behind” the blockchain platforms you trust. Not only do those who invest into infrastructure earn money, but they’re given authority and partial influence in a company. Staking makes you influential in blockchain while positioning your money to gain interests and dividends.  

What is Lending?

The crypto exchanges all require some capital to be fronted as “cash on hand.” This is because millions of orders can be received within a moment’s notice. If no funds are there to help the trade of each order, the orders won’t get filled. Even when filled, tickets are delayed if an exchange can’t complete the opposing orders required to fill their initial ones. Investors can, therefore, lend money to a reputable exchange and gain interest for fronting their crypto into that exchange. 

Lending requires you to determine an investment amount and to agree on interest rates with their payment cycles. This is no different from crypto lending by SoFi. For those who have enough crypto to diversify within the trading industry, lending is viable and a way to hedge your risks. The agencies you partner with, however, are liable only to the contracts and agreements you forwarded with them. 

How Do You Choose the Best Strategy?

To decide if staking or lending is better for you, start with deciding what your investment fund is. You’ll certainly need more money if you want decent returns from interests paid through lending. The money you invest into staking might be lower, but your rate of return is based on the stake you make. 

Establish your risk tolerance as you move forward. You must find a trading platform you trust and be sure to diversify your stake or lending into multiple opportunities.

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