What is a Hardware Platform? – Definition, Types and More

A Hardware Platform is a group of compatible hardware and software applications that can run on a particular type of computer. Each specific hardware platform has a different machine language, which means programs should be designed specifically for a specific type of machine and using a standardized form of hardware and corresponding hardware parts. Hardware platforms vary greatly depending on the use. Most common platforms fall into the categories of personal computers, desktops, laptop, netbooks, gaming systems, and other similar categories.

Different operating systems can also be installed on a single computer platform. Each operating system can have its own independent, as well as sharing, software program set, however most users will choose to use only one operating system – or none at all. The OS, which the user chooses is typically a customized version of the underlying Windows or Linux operating system. With a Windows-based computer platform, such as Windows Vista, Microsoft Office running Microsoft Word (word processing software programs), Internet Explorer, Windows Media Player, Windows Vista Home Edition, and Windows Media Player Pro, there are additional software programs that can be added for the convenience of the user.

Computer hardware platforms are usually targeted at a particular class of computer users. For example, personal computers targeted at students, professionals, media, or multimedia artists use specific types of computer operating systems. On the other hand, computers used by technicians, regular people, and the general public to use a different range of computer platforms. In addition to the specific computer platforms, different brands and manufacturers provide various types of hardware and software products. A typical computer platform can have basic components such as processors, memory, hard drives, keyboards, optical drives, video output/output devices, USB ports, digital cameras, video game machines, audio software, and others.

A computer platform can have embedded software applications. These software applications make the computer more functional and efficient. The embedded software applications make it possible to perform tasks in the form of commands that the user interacts with the keyboard. For instance, a Windows PC can access the Windows operating system and the Internet. However, a Linux computer can access the Linux operating system and other software applications such as the Open Source operating system, g++, and Python.

On the other hand, there are two general types of computing systems. System software applications run on one platform, whereas applications execute on another platform. A number of operating systems such as Unix and Linux are famous examples of user-friendly systems software programs. The user can select from a wide variety of available software and install them one after the other on a single computer platform. On the other hand, one must use a number of different software applications for developing different kinds of software.

There are different kinds of software programs that can be developed on one hardware platform. Some examples of such software include games, office applications, and the Microsoft Window. Apple Macintosh Computers and IBM PC’s constitute the other examples of hardware platforms. Among these Apple Macintosh Computers and IBM PC’s are the best examples of non-user-assisted software (NAS). Users need to undergo training courses to master the operating systems and software programs on these hardware platforms.

There are some advantages associated with using software and hardware that are independent from each other. The first advantage is the portability factor. Modern technology infrastructure like laptops, mobile phones, tablet computers etc. allow the professionals to access their office from any place. Modern infrastructure also enables the professionals to access their training materials, work files, or archived material from the internet.

Second advantage is the ease with which one can access the Citrix platform as compared to the various other software and hardware platforms available in the market. The lom port enables the professionals to access the Citrix application without installing it on the computer. With the help of lom port the IT professionals can install and run the Citrix applications on any computer or laptop. The installation process takes only minutes and does not require technical assistance. One also need not invest in additional software or hardware to be installed in order to access the Citrix application.

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