A Complete Guide to Akaso v50 Native Camera

Whenever we want a drone whether professionally or for personal use, our first lookout is the camera quality, which makes us opt for a good quality action camera to mount on drones which will produce good quality aerial footage.

Moreover, this AKASO V50 Pro native is the best one, so let’s grow through all the great features of this action camera.


This camera is a creation of AKASO which is a camera manufacturer company dealers of action cameras. They are also into drone manufacturing but not that successful but their action cameras have earned a good reputation for providing high-quality footages.


You can buy this camera under $120 which is little for an action shooter that punches well above its weight. It has a responsive 2-inch touch screen which is very small but still powerful enough. this camera is really handy one small-sized making it easy to use and store inside your travel bag to move around keeping it safe.

 It comes with an awesome looking black color over its frame which gives out a professional appearance. AKASO V50 Pro Native comes with a microSD card slot that is situated on its lower right side which gives and supports about 64GB memory.

 Not only this it also comes with a port on another side which is used for charging the battery, the bottom part of the Akaso V50 Pro Native has a slot for a battery coming with a battery cover which protects it when we use it for our work, it also has an HDMI port to complete its feature that allows the lightning-fast file transfer from the memory card to your personal desktop, laptop and for that matter to your mobiles with ease.

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This camera gives you a 20-megapixel sensor, which is super comfortable in taking still photos and its color aberration effect will give you particularly brighter shots while you zoom in. IT uses a 4K high definition resolution setting that helps you in capturing all the high-level detail within the frame.

The V50 has a 6 – axis gyroscope detecting position and motion changes, smoothing the effects of everything from cobbled stones to running down from the hill. Their recording modes come with multiple options that you can choose as far as 1080 p HD at 120 frames per second having a powerful built-in 20mp camera lens which will help you do a great job in making impressive videos.

It also provides you an excellent feature to choose from Super wide, Wide, Medium and Narrow modes which will help you change the perspective of images.

The electronic image stabilizer feature ensures you in giving smooth and flawless footage along with great performance for the travelers and aerial photographers producing stunning pictures.

To enhance all this quality of the output it also has an external microphone which reduces vibrations of sound.

Moreover, it’s underwater feature will provide you satisfactory results with great videos and photos.


When we buy something cheap than other things, we want to make sure what accessories they are providing.

The AKASO V50 Pro Native action camera is packed with a ton of accessories that add- on the value of it.

They will provide you with an extra battery giving you extended time of 4 hours and this is really helpful when we have to travel all around a lot and there is no way you can charge it back. This also comes with a waterproof case that gives your camera full protection against the water pressure up to 30m.

 Moreover, to top it up they provide you with the soft fabric cloth to clean the residue stuck on the lens.


This AKASO V50 Pro Native is a budget-friendly best available action camera giving you 4K resolution providing you with high-quality footage, making it a good product for beginners to buy.

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