Does Combining Usability With Aesthetics Work For Web Designing

It is important for a business owner to understand what makes great web design so that he or she can incorporate it in their business website. The web design must not simply appear to be beautiful with pretentious colors and fonts. That will only make the web design appear like a good work of art. The true mark of great web design, or an application or even a product is something different. People must be able to grasp and understand the things that it represents easily and is about primarily. People need to understand what it is intended to be without any interpreters. In this small article, you will understand how to combine usability with aesthetics to create a good web design for your business website. 

The design of your website is basically construction, and hence constructions which people are unable to use would be really pointless. The design will have to be usable. However, this does not really mean that the design cannot be beautiful too. It needs to find a balance between usability and beauty. There needs to be an equilibrium where things can work together and provide more benefits and minimize the losses.

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By following the tips mentioned here, you can improve your web design in this respect:

Labeling the iconography that you use:

People of this generation love using emoticons and emoji guide. This resulted in a love for pictorial art, and as a result of it, the use of icons became popular. Iconography is a vital aspect of web design. But just iconography would have only minimal results. You can improve it by combining it with the appropriate elements which can also help in elevating your business website. Without the right textual elements, these icons would be useless. People will find them difficult to remember, and it can result in creating confusion and may slow your users down a lot. Thus it can lead to more friction. Friction would be a huge problem But website owners would still want to use some iconography, and hence, it is important to use them wisely. You will need to provide more than a single layering of information. 

You must provide state changing indicators like colors which may help. But nothing will be better than having textual labels. You can see from search engine icons as used in Google and Bing too. The icons which have got textual labels with them will perform much better than the ones which do not have labels. It might be because of the intrinsic nature that symbolism has. It will require the users to have certain sets of cultural conditions through their previous experiences in order for them to note and understand what function is being conveyed. By having double labels like pairing icons with texts, you will have a more accurate chance to trigger the cues from the semantic memory of a user.

You will need to use plain icons too wisely. You can use them to leverage the user’s notorious weak working memories. This can be more acute when the icon and its function is not really popular, for instance, if the meaning is more esoteric than simplistic. Thus if you intend to use any icons to be a part in your web design to make it aesthetically appealing, then you must start to use labels and provide names.

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Providing visual cues on a consistent basis

People would be more than ready to forgive a lot of issues when they like the appearance of a thing. This is known as the prime aesthetic usability effect, and users will forgive any minor problems in the usability of your website when the aesthetic works out properly. However, the effect will be a lot more pronounced if the usability and the aesthetics work together in tandem. It is important to do these two works together.

You can do this by keeping the visual cues remain consistent. You must remember that your style would be a function and a language. Thus if you are coloring the links on the page in blue, then you will convey a specific meaning to users: that the link can be clicked and it will open other pages. Similarly, if you were to use any drop shadows when you want to elevate buttons over your page, then you will be communicating that that area is important and has an interactive function. 

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This will be the guideline behind the uses of material designs. Elevations would be perceptible also between the surfaces that are not overlapping over each other. However, if you were to use a similar drop shadow-like effect and then apply it on the images that are in the middle of your article which is not linking out towards anything, then it will have no meaning.  

This will be an inconsistency, and it will invalidate the communication between the two ends. It will make the users want to learn more relationships in order to use your business website, and that can make them also want to leave the website.  

Regarding the beautification of your web design, it is important to maintain a high degree of consistency as it will help in yielding better results with a low amount of risks. You should go for a design that takes both of these at some level and creates design cohesion. Remember to do the following:

  1. Headlines must always be of the same sizes. The Subtitles must also have size. The font and icons must be the same too.  
  2. You will need to provide a consistent experience no matter where a user lands.
  3. The variations can be different with respect to the color, but that also must be done only minimally.

Thus, you must make a certain design choice throughout the website. For more information on web design, you must contact web developers NYC.

Hopefully, the information mentioned in this article will have helped you. For more information, you can stay tuned to our site.

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