Top 15 Games like Spore You Must Know and Play in 2019

Spore is one of the most popular games that got introduced by Electronic Arts (EA) in 2008. The game has encouraged many other games to fortify their positions in the gaming industry. Spore is a game of God that involves evolution and progression of players from tiny organisms to advanced civilisations.  It is called a god game because the game allows players to control and transform the game world on a much larger scale. The game takes place in various distinct phases with an organism developing to various stages such as animals, tribals, advanced civilizations, before the game ends, having them interact with various species in galaxies competing with each other.

If you love to play the Spore game and looking for more games similar to it, then you have come to the right place.  We have come up with a list of the top 15 games that will provide you with the same kind of fun and experience like Spore. Let’s have a look!

#1.Planetoid 3D:

The foremost game on our list is Planetoid 3D. It is a space based RTS game. In this game, users can choose the type of race they want to use and enlarge their empire. They can also give training to a large group of ships, develop the economy, and even announce war against others. The game can only be played in Freemode where ae player can begin playing on a solar system that is generated randomly. Planetoid 3D comes in two distinct forms of resources: Energy and Keldanyum. You can download the trial version of the game for free.


This game is related to the development and progress of life itself, where a player starts as a modest unicellular creature and gradually evolves to species that are capable of even ruling the galaxy. The game has seven phases: Microbe, Multicellular, Awake, Awakening, Society, Industrial, and Space. From these phases, it is pretty clear that a player starts as a tiny species, and once that species acquire intelligence, it begins to develop and ultimately create a civilization that can rule the cosmos. The game is free to download and is fully compatible with Linux, Mac, and Windows.

#3.Kerbal Space Program:

Kerbal Space Program.jpg

If you want to be in a space program and experience space objects, then this can be a great game for you. Since 2011, when the game was launched, it has gone through many upgradations and improvements. In this game, being a player, you participate in a space program and the species ‘Kerbals’ are the speakers of it. The game is more of a learning game, as a player is responsible for bringing together an artificial satellite that flies using aerodynamics and physics. The role of a player is all about launching their team into the orbit so that they can check out other moons or planets. There are three modes of the game: Science mode, Career mode, and Sandbox mode.



When this game was introduced, it was a flash game. But with time, it featured in PlayStation 3, and since then the game has gained a lot of popularity. In this game, players are required to control an aquatic environment in a 2D plane. This makes the gameplay unidirectional, allowing players to focus on their respective goals completely. The 2D layers are piled upon each other, and as the creature that represents you, moves towards other organisms, your creature tries to swallow them up automatically. Success in the attempt of swallowing other organisms will increase the size of your creature; thus allowing a player to survive for a longer time.



The next game we have is Eufloria. It is a real-time strategy game that is developed by and published by Omni Systems Limited and a German company called ‎Headup Games‎, respectively. The game is based on the idea of ‘Dyson Tree Hypothesis’ where basic units from the trees can finally conquer asteroids through favorable circumstances. The leaves and branches of the tree fall off to give rise to seedlings that start orbiting the planet. These seedlings can be used to grow more trees. These trees help a player in their defense as well as offense. You can take over the asteroids of opponents by attacking them, conquering their defenses, and buying your roots to the core of the asteroid.

#6.Endless Space:

Endless Space.jpg

Endless Space is one of the most well-known four X games. Just like Spore, this game also provides you with the taste of battle in space. In this game, the main aim of a player is to defeat the entire galaxy by increasing their empire. Players are permitted to control every aspect of a civilization and explore various galaxies and planets. The game supports single-player, multiple player and cross-platform multiplayer modes which makes it more exciting and enjoyable. The game has won well-known awards and is supported by both Windows and Mac.

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#7.Void Hunters:

Void Hunters.jpg

Void Hunters is another space-themed game with a comparable idea to Spore’s cell-stage. The game is not about evolution. Rather it is about constructing spaceships and destroying opponents. Technically, the player takes control of small spaceships and tries to demolish opponent spaceships. This helps winning players to make their spaceships more powerful with the parts emitted during the destruction of spaceships or loss of players. The objective of the game is simple: survive as long as you can and build the most powerful spaceship.



Just like Spore, this game is also published by Electronic Arts (EA). They have used the same creatures and editing technology. Darkspore is about fundamentally evil organisms that are created mistakenly through faulty DNA experiments. By using the more stable versions of the DNA experiments, the job of a player is to create an army of mutated creatures, defeat darkspore and prevent them from destroying the whole galaxy. Though a lot of its features have been taken from Spore, the game has its RPG elements which make it more enjoyable and interesting.

#9.Katamari Damacy:

Katamari Damacy.jpg

There is an interesting story behind this game. The game was initially a school project. The developers of this game had participated in a game development competition. The game was so fun and interesting that it immediately caught the attention of the judges. It was released in the year 2004. In this game, players control a princely personality. This character rolls around the city to perform duties allotted by ‘The King of All Cosmos.’ Various objects come across the character’s path. If the objects appear to be smaller than the character, they stick to the character and make it look bulkier. On the contrary, if the object is larger than the character, then it hurts the character during contact. 

#10.Plague Inc:

Plague Inc.jpg

The key goal of the game is to begin as a harmless pathogen and then develop into lethal murderers at subsequent phases with the ability to remove the whole human population. In the initial stage, you are given a choice of pathogens. Every pathogen has its attribute and spread mechanism. The game then infects the person at the location of your choice intending to spread it to nearby countries without being detected. But there is a time limit for that. You have to infect people within a fixed timeframe before the treatment has been investigated. You can add several traits and evolutionary mechanisms to your strain so that you can finally kill the whole human population once and for all.

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This game is based on real-world genetic principles. The primary objective of the game is to keep and raise certain personalities and characters so that the genes stay alive through generations. In case you find a healthy set of genes, natural selection will do the rest for you by eliminating the bad ones from the mix. You can begin the game with a primary creature that is a mixture of other animals such as cats, dogs, goats, etc. and share with them many characteristics. During the game, you can come across other creatures that you can keep and raise to perfect your set of genes. 



Osmos gives you the feeling of being in a fictional environment of science where your objective is to expand yourself by absorbing others that are smaller than you. In the initial stage of the game, you start as a small organism called mote. When you consume other smaller organisms and the available food, you expand. To consume other smaller organisms, you need to use certain mechanisms to move your mote all around. The music and graphics of the game are simply perfect. If you want to create amazing graphic design for your new game app, we would suggest you avail the services of a professional graphic designer.



To give users distinctive gameplay with creative graphics and top-level design, the game has merged both 2D and 3D objects. Users have the whole universe to explore, settle, and take part in battles. The game also has alien creatures that exist to destroy players. Therefore, to establish peace and destroy aliens, players have to come up with a strategy. Before starting the game, players have the option to size the galaxy, collect resources, difficulty levels, etc. The game provides the option of unlimited galaxies that can be used for trade, analysis, or farming. 

#14.Civilization V:

Civilization V.jpg

This game was released in 2010. The theme of the game rotates around a turn-based strategy. Although the game is a continuation of its previous levels, its technology makes it unique from the other installments. In place of square tiles, users get to see hexagonal tiles. Also, to improve the visuals, the engine of the game has been changed. However, throughout the different aspects such as research, exploration, development, etc. users need to set up a civilization.

#15.Black & White:

Black & White.jpg

Just like Darkspore, it is one of the most similar alternatives for the Spore game. This is also a god game. Everything in this game is highly praised. The usage of artificial intelligence and the uniqueness of the game helps developers attract a lot of users. In this game, the player plays the role of a god that has an island with different tribes. With the help of taps, the player can do multiple tasks such as construction, waking up people, throwing objects, miracles, etc. Each act done by the player is categorized between good or evil. The player is judged by individuals based on their tasks. The popularity of the game forced the developers to come up with Black & White 2.


So folks, as you can see, there are a lot of games that are similar to Spore. It’s time to try them. Don’t forget to share your favorite game with us in the comments section below. 

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