Top 12 Mobile App Development Companies

The need for a list of the best mobile app development companies is increasingly growing in recent times. The reason being the fact that competition is getting more fierce in this field and it has become increasingly difficult for the fresh comers to stand out. If you want to avail the best possible services then it becomes imperative to take help of such list. There are many reasons why you should be using a list before finalizing any deal. Here are few options which will enable you to find out the best possible company for yourself. First of all you will have to take a look at the list and then evaluate it based on the points listed below.

This is an option where you will have to enter your search parameters into the given box and the list of companies providing mobile application development services will appear in front of you. You can also see the progress which is being made by them and if they have completed the work that you wanted them to do. This is one of the most effective ways of searching for developers who are experienced and well reputed.

In the first option you have to enter the name of your city or state. Some of the companies might not have offices in your city or state, so you may have to take the help of the website to reach them. Once you are through with this step, you will get the contact details of the companies that you selected. All these details will be available on the website of the mobile app development companies. These details include the mobile development teams, their experience, achievements and their rate of accomplishment which will enable you finalize your decision.

This is one of the best ways of filtering your search and it will ensure you are provided with the best companies. In this option the contact details of the developer will be given to you along with their mobile application portfolio. These portfolios showcase the actual works, which the company has done in the past. So at this stage of the process you can go through the portfolio and select the best one out of them. The contact details of the developer will be given along with the mobile app store where you can choose the one which will be beneficial for you.

Another option is to make a personal visit to the developer. You can ask him to make a presentation for your business and tell him all the details that you are looking for. If you wish to test the skills of the developer then you can invite him for an interview session. In this meeting you will be able to know if he is capable of delivering the things that you expect from him. Thus at this stage of the process you have to select the mobile app which will be the best for your business.

There is yet another way which will help you to shortlist various mobile app development companies. You can get in touch with the members of Association of App Developers and mention your requirement. In this way you will be able to know the kind of work that is done by these professionals. In case you want to hire a mobile app development company which has been associated with numerous projects, you can check the review of their work on different forums. The comments and reviews of the various clients will be able to help you finalize your choice.

The companies that are offering the services for free can be tapped. You should check whether they are able to offer quality services or not. You can even try to interact with some of their existing customers to know more about their services. Once you finalize on any particular company then you can take a tour of their premises and check out their hardware. In case you are hiring mobile application development companies to provide you with excellent mobile app development work then you need to check out whether they use the latest technology available in the market or not.

List of Best Mobile App Development Companies can be taken on from various referral sources. It is advisable that you use your friends and relatives as the source for getting in touch with companies for mobile app development. You can also search for such companies on the World Wide Web. Once you have the list of Best Mobile App Development Companies in your hand then it is time to strike a deal and hire these companies. However, before hiring them you must check out their previous projects and work experience.

Check out the Top 12 Best Mobile App Development Companies

List of Best Mobile App Development Companies

Here are the best mobile app development agencies based on their ratings and reviews. Choose the best provider as per your requirements.

#1) Indium Software (USA, UK, Singapore)

Indium Software is a leading Mobile App Development Company with decades of expertise in mobile application development services. Indium’s app development professionals and engineers create engaging, user-friendly apps with rich UX/UI that provide a great user experience that also have the ability to develop both iOS and Android apps.

Below are some of their key areas of focus:

•             Third-party integrations framework

•             Mobile app development on cross-platforms.

•             End-to-end mobile app development

•             Customized app development

#2) Dot Com Infoway

Dot Com Infoway is a globally recognized app development and marketing company. It’s services start right from the concept stage to span business consultation, market research, product development, multi-platform marketing and spreads through server and customer support activities.

With over 19+ years of industry experience in IT, they exactly know what it takes to create an engaging application that connects with the hearts and minds of your audience.

Key Features:

•             With well-structured development methodologies, Global Delivery Model and rigid QA systems, they deliver business-critical solutions on-time, within budgets and within desired levels of performance.

•             The minimum cost of a project developed by the company is $1,000.

•             Dot Com Infoway team provides Product Engineering, Digital Transformation, Business Enabling, Business Process Automation, Technology Consultation services for their customers.

•             Their pricing starts from $20/hour onwards and they work on both fixed cost and offshore dedicated developer model.

•             There are 100+ Tech and Marketing solution experts working at Dot Com Infoway.

•             Its core services include Mobile App Development, Website Development, IoT App Development, Blockchain Development, Artificial Intelligence, ChatBot, Mobile App & Games Marketing, Digital Marketing, Wallet Integration, UI/UX Design, Dedicated Developers and Business Consultation.

#3) Fueled

Fueled is the most creative mobile application and web development organization that offers services like app development support, design and approach to serve their clients in creating remarkable apps.

Key Features:

•             Fueled is used to develop apps that are most likely used by the users, revenue-generating apps, paid and free charts, etc.

•             At Fueled, they develop dazzling mobile apps for Android and iPhone by accepting the inputs from their clients.

•             Fueled provides its services from individuals to enterprise level.

•             The minimum cost required to build the first version of any app through Fueled is $150,000.

•             There are about 51-200 employees working at Fueled.

#4) 360 Degree Technosoft

360 Degree Technosoft is a leading India based mobile app and web development company.

Key Features:

•             360 Degree Technosoft provides services like mobile app development for various operating systems (Android, Windows, and iOS), mobile app marketing services and web application development.

•             360 Degree Technosoft designs the mobile apps that are user-friendly, accurate and confidential, etc.

•             Designing a mobile app through this company is a very cost-effective one.

•             There are around 11 to 50 employees at 360 Degree Technosoft.

#5) Mobiversal

Mobiversal is an award-winning, imaginative, passionate and experienced organization in developing mobile apps that work together with their clients to build convincing mobile apps.

Key Features:

•             Mobiversal is a leader in designing apps for game development, navigation, social networking, food or travel, apps for cities, etc.

•             In Mobiversal org, in order to build a project/mobile app, they take the customer’s views or ideas as inputs, and polish or mold them with their expert’s experience and deliver the desired end product to the customer.

•             The company size varies from 11 to 50 employees.

•             Mobiversal generally charges more accurately for their work. The minimum cost for the projects handled by Mobiversal starts from $35,000.

#6) Openxcell

Amongst the mobile application development companies, Openxcell is the most foremost mobile app development company that builds modified, resourceful and creative apps.

Key Features:

•             Openxcell developers have experience in dealing with the most significant, concert demanding apps with cloud web services like Rackspace, Azure and Amazon Web Service.

•             To satisfy the clients of Openxcell over the other contenders, they follow the modern technologies and cutting-edge dev methods.

•             Openxcell has a team of 200+ technical experts, passionate software engineers and imaginative designers.

•             The minimum cost of a project developed by Openxcell is $10,000.

You can reach here for more details about this company.

#7) Brightec

Brightec is one of the leading mobile app development organizations in the UK due to its pioneering move towards mobile app development by focusing on high-quality products.

Key Features:

•             Mobile app development at Brightec is classified into 4 phases. They are Discover, Define, Develop and Ongoing Development.

•             Brightec has developed apps for companies across various streams like educational, pharmaceutical and supermarkets, etc.

•             This privately held company has about 11 – 50 employees.

•             The dev team at Brightec is immensely experienced in developing bespoke mobile apps for Android and iOS-powered smartphones.

•             Brightec developer’s payment varies between $100 and $149 per hour.

#8) Hyperlink InfoSystem

Hyperlink InfoSystem is a well-known mobile app development agency that is aware of all the required technical programs and its implementation and marketing services.

Key Features:

•             Hyperlink InfoSystem teams follow an agile development methodology which results in high quality and solid app.

•             Dev team at Hyperlink InfoSystem builds up scalable and tough apps by balancing the business model and the skill that got sanctioned.

•             Hyperlink InfoSystem is a Public Company with 51 – 249 employees.

•             The cost of a mobile app developed by Hyperlink InfoSystem varies from $10,000 to $25,000.

#9) Hidden Brains

Hidden Brains is one of the world’s best mobile app development organizations for Android and iPhone OS that develops interactive, pioneering and scalable apps.

Key Features:

•             Apart from the Android and iPhone apps development, Hidden Brains provides other services like Cross-Platform App Development, Swift App Development, etc.

•             Hidden Brains agency delivers its support across various streams like retail, healthcare, hospitality, education, etc.

•             Hidden Brains is a Privately Held organization with almost 201 – 500 employees.

•             The hourly charges paid to the developers at Hidden Brains vary between $24 and $49.

#10) Peerbits

Peerbits is a global expertise app development company that extends its support to start-ups and enterprise-level businesses.

Key Features:

•             Developers at Peerbits deliver creative mobile apps by crafting awesome UI, all-inclusive UX considering the customer’s success as their responsibility.

•             Peerbits impel the mobile app development with a bespoke touch to the app, innovations, healthy debates, etc.

•             The amount charged to develop an app by a Peerbits engineer per hour is less than $25. The minimum project size starts from $5000.

•             Peerbits is a privately held company with 100 – 249 employees.

#11) Sourcebits

Sourcebits is a commanding agile app development company that follows pioneering business approach.

Key Features:

•             Sourcebits mobile app development team designs killer UI design apps following a complete product lifecycle management.

•             Sourcebits build, test, analyze and optimize the mobile apps that offer delightful user experience by meeting the end-user requirements.

•             The hourly payment for developers at Sourcebits is $100 to $149.

•             At Sourcebits, there are 200+ time-tested and talented employees.

#12) AppsChopper

AppsChopper is honored internationally for building turnkey mobile apps for various OS like Android & iOS, games development, social media and web platforms.

Key Features:

•             AppsChopper is an emerging leader in mobile app development by successfully delivering its services across various streams like responsive web and cross-platform development.

•             Clients can monitor the development growth process of their products through the desired communication channels at AppsChopper.

•             There are almost 201 to 500 employees working at AppsChopper.

•             At AppsChopper, the payment for the developers on an hourly basis varies from $25 – $49.