Things to Consider while Choosing the Inverters for Home

Buying a new inverter, no matter for what purpose should always be a well-judged decision. When you’re buying a new inverter for your home or office use, you must consider all the factors and analyse what kind of an inverter or UPS unit you will need depending upon the place it is supposed to be put in. The UPS system should provide backup power to all the essential appliances and make your job music easier. So whether it is for your office or home, A good power supply system can help you in times of power cuts and go with you a long way. 

An inverter is a device that is an important appliance for your home, where power cuts occur far too often. This appliance works as a power backup system in houses and offices by converting Direct Current (DC) into Alternating Current (AC) to provide electricity during blackouts. At the same time, a home UPS unit is a device that has the functions of an inverter, with additional features like energy storage which makes it equalise its name- an uninterrupted power supply. Inverters can be relied on and give power almost immediately, but UPS units are highly advised for bigger spaces where they need a constant power supply, or certain systems can be affected by a power cut. UPS units are also further categorised into Online and Offline UPS systems.

To understand which inverter and UPS unit go well with your requirement, you must understand and analyse what kind of power backup is needed in the room and what is to be given electricity to. By knowing this, you will understand how much capacity you’ll be needing for the battery and the power backup system. 

These days, UPS units and Inverters are coming with all kinds of specifications and features, so it is important to judge your requirements based on your space. For instance, when you think of an office with many computers, systems, and communication linked devices, this may require a power backup system that can come into place immediately after losing power. It has extra energy storage, which is needed as an office is a larger space with a lot of appliances and systems that need constant power support. 

But when you think of a smaller space like your house or apartment, you can consider a less extravagant but equally dependable and safe option like a basic inverter battery combination. In your house, not a lot of heavy load and capacity systems need power back up except for lighting, kitchen appliances, and air ventilation appliances. An inverter can easily fulfil these requirements with a compatible battery capacity as UPS systems are expensive and should not be used and for long without any power supply coming in. It will result in wasted energy and power. These factors can be easily understood and analysed on the power consumption calculators provided on the Luminous website to help you analyse and understand the requirement for your home or office space. 

Image Source: Luminous

We hope that this guide has helped you understand how Inverters and UPS units differ from each other and what requirements are fulfilled by both of these appliances. This should help you make the correct and informed decision about picking the Power Backup System that’s the best fir your requirements. Power cuts can be a huge problem in some places, but having a good power backup solution can be extremely helpful for offices and homes. Head over to the Luminous website to explore a wide range of the best Inverters and home UPS units to suit your needs perfectly!