As a marketer, it is obvious that you are constantly thinking of unique and creative ways of sending out the message of your brand to both target as well as existing customers while making sure that you are constantly getting ideal results from the efforts that you are putting in. One basic and practical rule of marketing is thinking like your customers, remaining updated with the buying habits that they have and understanding what they are looking for. With the number of users using smartphones regularly, any forward-thinking business is constantly looking for perfect ways of making their marketing strategies mobile friendly. SMS is undoubtedly one of the tried as well as tested methods. Using SMS for communicating with your customers is going to ensure that you are keeping up with all the market trends. 

Given below is a list of the 10 reasons as to why you should include SMS within your marketing strategy. 


You do not have to wait for a long time to get your designs ready or your campaigns printed. All you have to do is decide on the message that you are interested in sending and send messages in bulk to the customers. It is not going to take up a lot of time. Therefore, you are saving a lot of time and also, you need to know that almost 90% of the messages are read within three minutes. This means that you are going to see results almost immediately. 


You cannot wait for a long time to consider mobile-friendly techniques to be implemented later on within your marketing strategy. The reason behind this is that almost everyone is using a smartphone and it is not going to go anywhere. SMS is perfectly compatible with almost every mobile device and you do not have to stress about alienating a section of users. Also, you do not have to teach your customers regarding any new form of technology. 

Loved By Customers

SMS is undoubtedly simple as well as one of the most accessible ways of engaging with your customers. SMS also has an open rate of 98%. It is much better in comparison to other methods of communication, especially when the read rate is being considered. Most people love to send as well as receive text messages regularly. 

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When you are comparing an SMS with an email, face to face meetings, direct mail, etc, you need to know that an SMS is responsible for having the lowest impact on the carbon footprint. It can be said that text messaging is that process of communication, which is carbon-free. Therefore, if you are interested in making your business environment-friendly as well as greener, SMS marketing is undoubtedly the ideal step that you have taken. 


Most people prefer not to leave their house without their mobile phones. Apart from calling every customer and face to face meetings, there can be no other better and direct way of communicating with the customers. You can be assured that the messages that you are sending are getting delivered appropriately at the desired time. 


Everyone is constantly trying to juggle their busy lives. Sometimes, your customers can even have the feeling that you are giving them so much information that it is becoming difficult to absorb everything. The emails that you are sending can remain unopened, advertisements can be ignored, and your leaflets can be discarded. SMS is not only small and simple but it is also capable of getting the message to your customers instantly without having to mess around. There are hardly any text messages that your customers do not read. According to forbes, every message is an ideal chance of connecting with the customers. 

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Most of the service providers are responsible for providing delivery reporting. The delivery reporting can be used to check whether the messages have been successfully sent to your targeted group of customers. If you are interested in getting intelligent manners of tracking, you need to know that the top players of SMS marketing who will inform when the messages were sent and also, provide exact details regarding what, who, and when the links were clicked. This is going to ensure that you are getting the maximum out of your campaigns. Visit the website of Simple Texting to know more about this.

Help In Generating Leads

It is simple and hassle-free to set up keywords or SMS shortcodes. These keywords can be anything. They can be the name of your brand to memorable words. Ensure that you are advertising the keyword on the business website, get it printed, etc., so that customers are interested to opt-in to the mailing list. For instance, Text message to 768678 to get special offers! 

This helps in providing several new contacts with whom you can communicate. Besides, it also helps in generating lead instantly without having to put in much effort. 


Most of the direct mailboxes and email boxes of people are filled with spam and junk mail. Customers are only going to opt-in to receiving SMS updates from those brands with whom they are interested in interacting with. Therefore, if you know that you are delivering your message to the targeted person, it is not going to be ignored or even get lost. If you are interested in making the customers feel special, you should personalize every message and it is not going to take up a lot of time. 


Apart from the fact that an SMS marketing campaign is extremely affordable and will fit your budget perfectly, you are also going to observe a perfect ROI. At only a few pence for every message, you can get your brand message across to your present and target customers without having to break the bank. 


If you are interested in improving communication and boosting sales, and you do not have a huge budget or a lot of time, you can be assured that SMS is ideal for you. SMS marketing is a small but extremely powerful tool that you should not overlook. 

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