5 Smart Tips to Automate Your Home

Smart automation is fast becoming a trend in modern homes. To get you started, we’ve given you five tips to automate your home. 

Automate Your Garden

Install an automated irrigation system into your garden, to make your life easier and save you money. The system can be divided into zones and is programmable for each zone. You can water certain parts of the garden at specific times and only for the period required. 

The tech is intelligent enough to recognize the change in weather, so it’s not going to water your garden if it’s pouring with rain. This automation will make sure your plants live a long and healthy life and will save you money by decreasing your water usage. 

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Schedule Smart Lights to Turn On/Off

Smart lighting systems should be considered an essential part of any home. Not only is it convenient to be able to control your lights from your phone, but you can do so remotely and create the impression that someone is home when you’re away. 

You can switch lights on and off in various parts of the house, dim lights, adjust the lighting from a warm glow to a cool brightness, and even control the color. Setting the mood has never been easier. 

Smart House Cleaning

Housework is a necessary evil that takes up a lot of time and effort. Although AI is not yet available for full house cleaning, you can invest in a smart vacuum cleaner to do some of the dirty work. 

The vacuum can be programmed to start at a scheduled time, do its rounds, and when it’s done, it will go back to the charging station and plugin. A nifty piece of tech that can work on cleaning your floors while no one is home. 

Schedule Pet Feeding

Everyone loves their pets, but sometimes life can get busy, and delays happen. Some new fantastic gadgets can feed your pet for you at a designated time. Not only will it feed your pooch on time, but it will also release a predetermined amount of food. 

It can be set on a timer that will release the food at a designated time every day, as many times a day as is required. It will continue until the food in the storage unit is empty, and some of the units can alert you when the food container is running low.

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Easy Access With Automated Door Locks

You might not realize it, but automated door locks are very convenient. They eliminate the need for a physical set of keys. The doors can be controlled remotely from your smartphone if you need to give access to someone while not home. 

Smart locks can also collect data and track who enters the home and by which entrance. An intelligent security feature is that if there’s any tampering or forced entry, it will send an alert to your smartphone.  

Final Thoughts

It’s no longer a question of whether home automation will happen, but rather when. As with any new technology, pricing and accessibility are the usual stumbling blocks. With time, the prices will drop, and more people will see the value in automating their lives. 

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