5 Reasons Why Proxies Are Important For Chatbots

Many companies are adopting the use of chatbots for a good reason. They are an excellent aid when it comes to providing customer service.

Research on chatbot use is quite optimistic. Projections show that up to 50% of companies want to invest in chatbots. B2B companies are leading with an adoption rate of 58%. Up to 69% of respondents prefer chatbot help due to fast responses to queries.

But, there is a concern about anonymity and online security. Companies adopting such technologies have to invest in the right software. One solution would be through the use of proxies. 

Our article will explore 5 reasons why proxies are important for chatbots.

Understanding Chatbots and Their Role

Before we go into the discussion, ielts start by understanding what chatbots are. 

Chatbots are a form of AI computer software that mimics human conversation. They are finding increasing use in customer care, web applications, and messaging channels.

And now, we have AI chatbots that offer extra functionalities. Such bots use machine learning, Natural LanguageProcessing, and AI. They assume almost human-like capabilities, allowing for more independence in how they operate.

The AI capabilities exceed the limitations of pre-programmed commands. By learning patterns and behavior, they get more intelligent. It allows them to adjust their responses depending on the issues.

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How Proxies are Important When Using Chatbots

Let’s first start by understanding what proxies are. When you go to the airport, you must pass through the security check. The guards will search your person and belongings. They do this to ensure that only what they allow goes through.

Sometimes they will confiscate some items. If they find nothing of concern, they let you through.

That is, in its simplest, the way a proxy works. It is a gateway or intermediary between your computer and a remote server. Any traffic coming into or going out of your site has to go through the proxies.

Several things will happen here including:

  • Sieving or filtering of content. It ensures that whatever goes through does not contain any harmful elements
  • Hiding or masking of your IP address, giving you anonymity while online
  • Data encryption

Now let’s explore how proxies help with chatbots in more detail.

Chatbot Anonymity with Proxies

Proxies provide online anonymity by masking are hiding your IP address. Proxies do this in different ways. Some will distort your IP address. Others will assign a new IP address so that what the remote servers see is the proxy address.

Rotating proxies will assign a different address for every search request. What it does is make it impossible for the remote server to pinpoint your exact location.

Let’s say you use chatbots for data collection. Some websites may deem repeated requests for information as suspicious. In such cases, they may ban or blacklist you. But, if the chatbot passes requests through the proxy, they find a way around such loopholes.

Staying Up To Date with the Latest Trends

Let’s say you sell designer shoes. You use bots to search the web for the latest releases. It frees you from spending hours in front of your computer doing manual searches. 

To get the information, the bots must visit or request information from many websites. The repetitive and high number of requests from one location can raise flags on the remote sites.

Here is where you can use proxies to your advantage. Consider using rotating proxies for such tasks. What it does is assign a different IP for every request. 

Your chatbot can send out 100 requests every minute. It will still look like they are originating from different places.

Bypass Geographic and Anti-Bot Measures

Some companies will apply geographic restrictions to what audiences can see. It is a familiar practice with streaming services like Netflix. Some companies targeting a very specific audience may also do the same. 

Take the example of limited edition items. The chatbots keep you apprised of the latest releases and can even place orders for you. If you are in a restricted location, you can miss out on such opportunities. It also happens if the retailer has anti-bot software.

But, with a proxy, bypassing such restrictions becomes easy. Further, the anti-bots will not even know the chatbot is making the order. By installing a residential proxy, it gives your bot a physical location. The retailer will have no way of knowing whether they are dealing with humans or chatbots.

Reduce Round Trip Delays

With a proxy, you will not have to deal with issues around ping latency or round trip delays. Think about it like the time it takes to relay information to and from remote servers. The further your physical location from the remote server, the longer it takes.

A suitable proxy will have different locations for its servers. The proxy may also provide the chatbot connection via their servers. The result is faster and more stable internet routing, resulting in lower delays.

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Better Online Security

Any device that uses the internet is prone to hacker threats and attacks. Chatbots collect a lot of information, making them very attractive to cybercriminals. 

Some security concerns include threats that may compromise the system. They include tampering, denial-of-service, spoofing, and disclosure of information.

Another concern is vulnerabilities. Such issues arise from human errors, poor coding, or lack of enough security measures.

A proxy will encrypt your data. You need to ensure that the information your chatbot collects is out of the reach of hackers. Data encryption ensures that only the intended recipient gets the information. Other third parties will not be able to decipher the data.

Further, the cybercriminals will not identify the exact location of your chatbot. When shopping for a proxy, ask for information on how it will help with your online security.

Final Thoughts

Proxies provide very many benefits to anyone using the online platform. We have looked at 5 reasons why proxies are important for chatbots.

You get anonymity, data encryption, and better online security. It allows your chatbot to access different websites. It can do this without the risk of the requests attracting suspicion.

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